International Marketing Plan for Blackmore's Cold and Flu

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International marketing plan
Blackmores Cold and Flu

Table of contents

Executive Summary3
Product description4
Market Description6
OTC Medicine features7
Main self-medication product groups7
OTC categories in India8
Comparison with competitors’ product8
Direct and indirect competitors8
Factors that make Blackmores stand out from its competitors?9 Target market size10
Government Participation11
Marketing processes12
Marketing objectives via new strategy of implementation12
Product adaptation15
Promotional mix15
Advertising to the general public15
Promotion via health care providers16
Distribution from origin to destination17
Channel management17
Distribution processes18
Price determination19

Executive Summary

Choosing India as a destination to market Blackmores’ Cold/Flu Night & Day may seem radical; however the company has strong belief that this will benefit them not only in the short run, but in the long run too. India is reported to have one of the fasted growing pharmaceutical industries in the world with advanced technologies and many other contributing factors, which can be adopted by Blackmores to become a market leader in their industry. Currently the industry is highly regulated; however trends seem to be changing. Factors contributing to this change are the sheer size and growth of Indian domestic pharmaceutical industry, which as a result makes it increasingly difficult for the government to regulate every firms. Secondly pressure being applied from World trade Organisation to speed up discussions within the national government to improve patent protection. This will result in providing foreign pharmaceutical firms being provided improved marketing opportunities in the Indian Enormous Drug market over years to come. Blackmores however would like to get a head start and move in to get a strong foothold in this industry by marketing the Cold/Flu Night And Day Tablets. Blackmores’ Cold & Flu Day Night is an herbal formulation that supports the immune system, which fights colds and flu, whilst providing symptom relief during the day and calming relief at night. In order to operate efficiently and gain multiple benefits, it was decided that a licensing agreement would take place between Blackmores and a domestic pharmaceutical company named Dr Reddy’s Laboratory. Promotions would be carried out to an extent, as the target market does not consist of a broad market. Due to the differences in the culture and other factors there are a few modifications that have been carried out to the current product. These changes include the language and the colour of the packaging for example. Distribution and selling would be taken care by the licensor as per agreement.

Product description

The product is manufactured by Blackmores, an Australian company specialized in natural health solutions. It consists of an orange box on which is written the company’s name, the drug’s name, and several features and benefits, which are: • Supports the immune system, which fights cold and flu

• Helps relieve coughs, blocked nose, headaches, body aches and pains and mild fever • Assists during sleep disturbances to promote sleep
• May shorten the duration of cold symptoms and improve recovery time Blackmores’ Cold and Flu Day/Night is made from an herbal formulation, which is not harmful to the human system as it is made from natural ingredients, which are used to cause relief. These include: •Echinacea- Studies suggest Echinacea juice may shorten the duration and improve recovery time of colds. Echinacea has been shown to act mainly on non-specific cellular immunity. It increases the number of spleen cells and white blood cells. •Holy basil- has traditionally been used as a remedy for colds and the flu in Ayurvedic medicine. It is used to help clear mucus from the lungs and upper respiratory tract. Its pungency and penetrating nature...

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