International Marketing Orientation V2

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1) International Marketing Orientation

Adherence to the marketing concept lies at the heart of an organisation’s marketing activities.

A) Define the marketing concept in terms of its three conceptual pillars and explain how export market orientation is related to it. The marketing concept holds that the key to achieving organisational goals consists of determining the needs and wants of target markets, and then creating the goods and services to satisfy them. (Kotler,1980).There are three pillars to the marketing concept, namely external orientation, fulfilment of corporate goals and integration of operations. Firstly, external orientation – this refers to how corporate activities are focused upon providing customer satisfaction. However it is also about keeping abreast of the technologies available in a bid to develop better products, perhaps at lower long-term costs. Furthermore by being externally orientated, firms should closely monitor competitors’ actions, so that responses could be made. For example, price undercutting can be responded to quickly. The second pillar revolves around cross functionality and having an internally integrated way of doing business. Integrated marketing takes on two levels. firstly the various marketing functions (sales, advertising, market research etc) must all work together. Secondly, this must be well coordinated with other company departments. ((Kotler & Philip,1997), Marketing Management) Export market orientation refers to the activities firms perform in their efforts to incorporate the marketing concept into their export operations. The market-orientated activity a firm performs in its export markets is termed “export-orientated behaviour” ,defined as the export-focused generation ,dissemination, and responsiveness to export market intelligence. (Cadogen et al, 1999) To conclude, market orientation is basically the implementation of the marketing concept: a set of information processing behaviours (Kohli &...
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