International Marketing - Dior Addict

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International marketing communications

Portfolio: Dior Addict




I. Marketing analysisp 4
B. Opportunity / Threatp 4
C. Strengths / Weaknessesp 5
D. Segmentationp 5

II. Communication analysisp 5
A. Christian Dior`s imagep 5
B. Mode of communicationp 6
1. Basic offerp 6
a. FAB terminologyp 6
2. Persuasive communicationp 6
a. Target descriptionp 6
b. Process of message transferp 6
c. Stimulusp 6

III. Target analysisp 7
A. Culture influence
1. Power distancep 7
2. Uncertainty avoidancep 7
3. Individual / Collectivep 7
4. Masculine / Femininep 7
B. Motivation of purchasep 7
C. Nature of the motivationp 8
D. Buyer behaviourp 8
1. X, Y, Z analysisp 8
2. IDU analysisp 8-9
3. A, B, E analysisp 9
E. Buyer's prior attitudep 10

IV. Communication strategyp 10
A. FCB Gridp 10
B. Rossiter and Percy Gridp 10

V. Advertisement analysisp 10
A. Nature of the contextp 10
B. Text analysisp 10
C. Photography analysisp 11


I. Marketing analysisp 12
A. PESTLp 12
B. Opportunity / Threatp 12
C. Strengths / Weaknessesp 13
D. Distributionp 13

II. Communication analysisp 14
A. Korean Christian Dior`s imagep 14
B. Persuasive communicationp 14
1. Target descriptionp 14
2. Process of message transferp 14
3. Stimulusp 14

III. Target analysisp 14
A. Culture influence p 14
1. Power distancep 14
2. Uncertainty avoidancep 15
3. Individual / Collectivep 15
4. Masculine / Femininep 15
B. Nature of the motivationp 15
C.Buyer behaviourp 15
1. Buyer chainp 15
D.Buyer's prior attitudep 15

IV. Communication strategyp 16
A.FCB Gridp 16

V. Advertisement analysis p 16
A. Message settlementp 16
B. Nature of contextp 16
B.Text analysisp 16
C.Picture analysisp 17
D.Mediap 17
E.Promotionp 17
F.Sponsorshipp 17

Conclusionp 18

Bibliographyp 18


For this report, we chose to export the new product of a French brand having a world reach, in an Asian country in state of strong demand in this segment: the perfume "Dior Addict" in South Korea. Addict does not hide its game nor its intentions, its aim is a kind of provocation for the media and the women. South Korea is following Japan in term of cosmetic `s consumption, which is a great opportunity for the luxury French brands. We will see how the communication of Dior Addict is constituted for the French market and how we can realise the communication for this fragrance in South Korea.

I. Marketing analysis


Political: The politic situation is stable and democratic.

-The GDP for 2002 is about 1502 billion Euros and the GDB per person is 22000 Euros. ( -The French households spend 17.27 billion Euros in January 2003. (

-The deficit of the French state is about 3 % of the GDP.

-The unemployment rate of the active population is 9.2%, with a spread of +0.4% since February 2002. (

-Almost every household has a television and a radio.
- 14.1% of the French households are connected to Internet. (

B. Opportunity / Threat analysis

-France assures more half of the world offer,
-In 2000 the French cosmetic market represented 5.5 billion Euros, and if we add the export market it represented 11.5 billion Euros. (Centre...

Bibliography: (
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Communication and culture p 31
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