International Marketing Concepts

Topics: Public relations, Advertising, Communication design Pages: 2 (772 words) Published: December 13, 2010
Assignment # 12
2.) How does the “standardized versus localized” debate apply to advertising? Communication takes place only when the intended meaning transfers from the source to the receiver. This can be a problem when a standardized approach is used. The message is not able to get through to the receiver due to different reasons such as lack of knowledge of the audience. There are people who feel an advertisement can be used anywhere in the world due to the converging tastes and preferences. The “standardized verses local debate” is very important in analyzing when advertising internationally. A standardized approach may be misinterpreted and/or misunderstood by certain cultures when the message is not altered to their values and beliefs. On the other hand, an advertisement using a localized or adaptation approach is able to reach a particular audience by portraying a message that is understood and comprehended. A localized approach is only meant for a particular audience so it may cost more and it is not able to be used anywhere else. 3.) What is the difference between an advertising appeal and creative execution? The audience appeal is the communications approach that relates to the motives of the target audience. For example, ads based on a rational appeal depend on logic and speak to the audience’s intellect. Rational appeals are based on consumers’ needs for information. In contrast, ads using an emotional appeal may tug at the heartstrings or tickle the funny bone of the intended audience and evoke a feeling response that will direct purchase behavior. Creative execution is the way an appeal or proposition is presented. There can be differences between what one says and how one says it. There are a variety of executions including straight sell, scientific evidence, demonstration, comparison, testimonial, slice of life, animation, fantasy, and dramatization. The responsibility for deciding on the appeal, the selling proposition, and the appropriate...
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