international marketing assignment one

Topics: South Korea, Developed country, Japan Pages: 10 (1950 words) Published: February 28, 2015

Assignment one
International Marketing (BX770007)

Jason Products
International Market Expansion Proposal
Submitted by: Sahil Godbole
Student id: 1000017637
Max word count: 2000

Executive summary
This proposal is drafted on behalf of Jason products, a family owned business which deals in high quality dining apparels and table protection solutions. Our company offers a wide range of innovative products, which are practical and beautiful to use, over the past numerous years which have helped the company to grow unanimously, and today is regarded as a world leader in cork backed placemat manufacture and designs. The company has its headquarters in Auckland, with the branches in USA, UK and Australia. ( (, 2013) This proposal is regarding the exporting of the company products to four new countries, stated with an explanation about the potential markets will be an advantage for the company to begin exporting the company products. This proposal will cover the financial, economic and cultural factors in short, prevailing the recommended countries in this report. Generally, the competition, the market trends in international and domestic markets, the environment and the developments have a direct impact on success of any organisation. It is always good to have a great understanding of the current scenario of the impulsive market, which will provide a support for us to plan well and take proper decisions.

Target countries for export:

South Korea

South Korea:
South Korea is a developed country with a high per-capita income economy and is considered to be one of the most industrialised member countries in the OECD. (, 2015) . The country’s economy was one of the world’s fastest growing and developing economies till the late 1990’s. South Korean economy is highly dependent on international trade. In the year 2010, South Korea was the tenth largest importer in the world. South Korea has been classed as one of the world’s finest economic success stories. Along with Japan and Taiwan, South Korea is the sole country which has recorded around 5 consecutive decades of economic growth in excess of five percent. This extra ordinary achievement was the result of careful governmental macro engineering sheer hard work from the mass population at large, and sound business practises. The economists also feel that considering the lengthy stagflation of Japan, it won’t be too late before South Korean levels of prosperity match the Japanese. (, 2013) The trade organisations of New Zealand and the Korean republic completed negotiations for a free trade agreement which covers both goods and services traded between the two respected countries. The free trade agreement will build upon the strong political and economic ties that already exist between the two countries. As a result of this treaty, by the end of the FTA phasing period, approximately 98% of the kiwi exports will enter duty and tariff free into South Korea. (, 2014) The Korean people are energetic, diet conscious and outgoing people. That is why; there is a demand for hotel industry in Korea. Our company can have a lot of scope if we deal with the hotel industry, as well as the households of the country. Our wide range of products will have a definite demand in the Korean republic.The main target sector for our products will be the hospitality and home usage customers, and it would be an avenue to tap into the tourism sector as well. The people of Korea enjoy good lifestyle, and have access to a lot of facilities and good products as being a developed nation. Our superior quality products are fit for personal as well as commercial use too.

Japan is one of the developing nations of the world, and it is considered that the economy of Japan is the third largest in the world. By...

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