International Marketing

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International Marketing

An increasing number of businesses are considering the entire world as the market place for their products. As evidenced by the existence of many multinational companies sprinkled all over the globe, marketing across national boundaries can be fruitful and profitable. Small and medium sized companies involved in exporting have also shared a small part of the market most profitably by marketing to even just one foreign buyer. With this increased activity in international business, emphasis is given to learning how to market to foreign countries. Marketing outside national boundaries requires not only an understanding of basic marketing concepts but also a grasp of the complexities existing in the international environment. (Principles of Marketing Management)

International marketing is “the performance of business activities that direct the flow of a company’s goods and services to consumers or users in more than one nation.” (Philip Cateora and John Hess, International Marketing). The above definition suggests that the only difference between international marketing & domestic marketing is that the activities take place more in more than one country. All of the basic concepts and techniques for effective marketing management are the same. However, the uniqueness of the environment, the diversity of problems and the variety of strategies needed in order to cope with the uncertainties of the foreign markets make it necessary for the international marketer to know how to adjust, the marketing mix across national boundaries. Some of the benefits that international marketing can generate for the country are (Export Marketing, Principles of Marketing Management):

1. Better use of national resources. Instead of continually exporting traditional products which sell at low prices, the country can allocate some of its resources to products for which demand is increasing. Because of the declining growth of demand for many primary products...
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