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The basic objective of this report is to study about the Global market opportunities for Kandos chocolates & prepare a Strategy to capture it. I would like to take this opportunity to gratefully the Chairman & Board of Directors to give a excellent Opportunity work as International Marketing Manager & I would really enjoying to take the challenging task, which has been mentioned in this whole report.

5th May 1962 was an evolutionary day for Sri Lankan confectionery industry due to the commencement of Ceylon Chocolates Ltd. Prior to the establishment of Ceylon Chocolates Limited Sri Lanka was 100% relaying on imports for Chocolates. The main objective behind the pioneering activity of producing chocolates locally is to gain certain advantage on foreign exchange by increasing the local production as well as controlling the imports. In 1970 Kandos became one of most popular brand among the consumers. On the same year the millionaire industrialist Philip Upali Wijewardene acquired full control of Ceylon Chocolate Ltd. During this time Delta confectioner products manufactured by Ceylon sugar company Ltd which was started by Upali Wijewardene1 in 1962 was the leader in sugar confectionery. In 1970 both these companies were amalgamated and the production of Kandos Chocolates and the Delta toffees were merged and started operating as Ceylon Chocolate Ltd. As the next avenue Kandos emerged into global market. Kandos became very successful brand in South East Asian Region. As a result of the above successes in order to take the business towards another step forward Mr. Upali Wijewardena formed Upali Group of Companies and Ceylon Chocolate Limited became one of the subsidiaries. Upali Group of Companies established them as one the large conglomerate and also as a key diversified business enterprise in South East Asia. It was leading in the products such as Chocolate, confectionary, beverages, soap & detergents and also motor cars, Aviation, Electronics, newspapers, plantation became their key business. From the inception Kandos products were locally distributed by M/S Shaw Wallace & Hedges Ltd. In 1991 Ceylon chocolate Ltd had a mile stone of stepping into their own distribution channel. The head office is located in Colombo & The factory and main stores are located in Kundasale. Another small warehouse is located at Homagama, in order to distribute the chocolates demand of the Colombo city and suburbs. At preset it has 68 Distributors island wide and also it has Delta Toffee plant, Wafer Biscuit manufacturing plant & Pudding manufacturing plants as well. There are two chocolate outlets which are named as “Kandos Shop”, which produce varieties of products using chocolates and there our plans for future developments as another trade mark operation. Product Range

Chocolates are categorized as dark, milk, compound, flavored, filled chocolates and couverture. There are many sub brands under these categories with different varieties. Basically the chocolates are classified as Cocoa butter chocolates (CB) and Non Cocoa Butter chocolates (NCB). In NCBs cocoa butter substitute (Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil) is used instead of cocoa butter. CB chocolates include Couverture-A, Super Blend, K-21 Collection, Milk and Fruit & Nut, Classic milk, while NCB chocolates include Super-10, Crispy, New Gen, Tak Tik, Kiddies, Super car and Couverture-B. Each category has different varieties.

To be the leader in our chosen field in the confectionery industry in Asia. Mission
To be the leader in manufacturing & marketing best quality chocolate & confectionery products maintaining the highest brand values in a profitable manner to satisfy the needs of consumers. Long Term Objectives

1)To be the market leader in chocolate industry in Sri Lanka in year 2015. 2)Diversify the Business in to biscuits range, adding varieties of toffees & other...
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