International Market Research Process

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International Market Research

As organizations continue to pursue more global strategies, the need to be able to understand consumers in far away places is increasing. Marketing research is the primary mechanism through which companies understand their current, as well as potential, customers. As companies contemplate the global marketplace, they must consider how domestic market research differs when conducted in international markets. In an effort to help internal client side marketing research managers design and implement improved international research studies, we briefly discuss the context for international market research and provide a framework for conducting international market research projects. Additionally, we present several factors that should be considered by marketers who engage in global market research studies. These factors represent the variety of challenges that must be addressed in order to conduct research across national borders. Particular attention is paid to the nuances related to primary data collection and questionnaire construction.

1. Marketing research goes global

Similarities exist between market research process of domestic and internatioonal markets. The major differences between the two involve disparities that spring from political, legal, economic, social and cultural differences across countries

2. The importance of international marketing research

Competition enforces the need for crafting well-targeted strategies Companies need to uncover information for intl custyomers needs and wants Companies candesign better products at lesser cost if they understand the needs in advance it costs six times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep a current customer thius we need market research


a.Setting research objectives
Like its domestic counterpart, the international
market research process begins with a clear understanding of the specific research objectives. Determining what information is required, and at what level, is the necessary first step.

As in domestic research, information may be required for decision making at different levels in the organization, from
the corporate level relating to strategic issues,
down to local operating units where concerns are
often more tactical

b.Designing research methodology
The second major step in the international market
research process involves designing the methodology. Whether domestic or international in focus, this is the critical step of any research project. In order
to construct the most effective methodology,
researchers must have a broad perspective of the
many methodological options available.

c. Collecting data and data analysis and reporting findings
Once the appropriate data collection methodology
is selected, fieldwork must be conducted. Essentially, this executes the research design developed during stage 2. The next step involves analyzing the
findings and providing a management report, along

5. Challenges of conducting international marketing research

Due to the complexities of conducting and managing
market research projects across national boundaries, for example Varying cultural norms across different countries or continents may
impact research objectives, as well as pose significant challenges in the data collection phase

5.1. Cultural challenges
Conducting market research in an international
market requires a great deal of new learning.
This includes a more comprehensive understanding of native culture. Cultural elements such as social institutions, gender roles, language, religion, aesthetics, education, and time orientation are closely intertwined with national culture.

5.1.1. Language
Now that market research is being conducted around
the globe, researchers must take language and
cultural factors into account when designing questionnaires. Language represents the most obvious factor that makes...
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