International Law

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Subject: International Law

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1. Explain the origin & nature of International Law  its legal powers . International law has developed historically and philosophically over many centuries, in many cultures and a rudimentary system of international law existed even in ancient societies. Persons from even the most diverse historical cultures sought to relate to one another in a peaceful, predictable, and mutually beneficial way. Trade is at the origin of entire segments of public international law and accounts for one of its main sources, the treaty. One of the first international legal instruments is to leave its trace in history was the commercial treaty between Amenophis IV and Cyprus. The international legal order has evolved dramatically on the other hand. With the creation of League of Nations followed by the United Nations system and finally with the disintegration of the Eastern bloc, the XX century saw the evolution of traditional international law between States towards a contemporary and universal international law open to new players such as the international organizations and the non-governmental organizations. Thus the international legal order has gone through a number of upheavals. But its evolution has neither been linear nor homogeneous. The WTO is an international organization. The GATT was replaced by WTO in 1994. Since the treaty never entered into force, GATT remained for half a century, an agreement which did not provide for any institutional continuity. With Marrakesh Agreement a true international organization was finally created. According to the definition given by International Law Commission on the responsibility of international organizations, an organization established by a treaty or other...
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