International Involvement Paper

Topics: United States, International Monetary Fund, U.S. state Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: April 23, 2011
In this International Involvement Paper, I will present issues regarding the American involvement in International affairs between 1890 and 1905.This paper will provide examples of American involvement in international affairs. Also, this paper will describe the extent to which America’s involvement in international affairs affected global politics. America is the most influential country around globe. The world countries depend on The United States to maintain harmony, and to apply the open-minded egalitarian principles. The international system was built around American ideals and power. However, other countries along with The United Nations security can be counted on, to deal with the terrorization structure of America ideals. According (Leonard, 2005), The U.S. has to dedicate the necessary assets to assemble a worldwide ethical and energetic global financial system grounded in opinionated American values and financially viable philosophies. Those whom are leaders of the government of The United States have an obligation to protect the international method of any countries threats, even if pressuring other governments to adopt American democratic philosophies, which may perhaps ignite a global disparagement among those around the world.

`The global community is a precariously unbalanced world. The foreign policy for the United States has an obligation to make a huge effort for safety measures and precautions. Worldwide terrorism, pandemonium in Arab countries, is rising poverty in the developing world, and international economics antagonism has formed an intercontinental excavation for leaders in America. Those leaders in the U.S. have to focus energies on protecting securities of American citizens, and making sound trade agreements, ensuring the access to essential raw resources, and stop the increase of nuclear arms, with nations or terrorist networks that are unfriendly. The United States government must be selective in involvement and in global...
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