International Human Resource Management

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Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. International HRM 2 2.1 Expatriate 3 2.2 Factors Affecting companies in an international level 3 3. Activities of HR managers in local and international level 4 3.1 HR Planning and Analysis: 4 3.2 Equal Employment Opportunities: 4 3.3 Recruitment and Selection process: 5 3.4 Motivation, Compensation and Benefits: 5 3.5 Health, Safety and Security: 5 3.6 Management Employee relationships: 6 4. Conclusion and Recommendation 6 5. References and Bibliography 7

1. Introduction
Arguably after customers, the most important part of an organization is their employees. Employees are the heart and soul of a company and no matter how big a corporation is, without motivated and well oriented employees, they cannot succeed. The part of an organization who manages these employees thus can be considered as the most critical part of an organization. Thus, Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within a company who focus on recruiting people, managing them and providing them with the right directions so that they can do well in the future. Companies usually have a separate department with a number of employees working under one particular HR Manager, but in smaller companies, the general managers themselves perform HR duties. As they deal with people’s affair, motivation and performance management, HRM is a strategic and comprehensive approach. The modern HRM is phasing away from the conventional mode of HR activities based solely on employee motivation, performance and recruiting (Human Resources, 2013). Now, HR plays a critical role in traditional, administrational, international and transactional roles as well. This diverse form of HR has therefore made HR departments in different organizations a vital part of the organization.
For companies which are operating in an international scale, the appeal and importance of HRM is more than ever. Companies which are operating under only one particular border have the

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