International Globalization Marketing Plan of Batik

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Beautiful Colors of Malaysia…….





C-7-06, 2ND Floor, Block C,
SME Technopreneur Centre Cyberjaya
22700 Jalan Usahawan 2, 63000 Cyberjaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 603-88888888
Fax: 603-81000000


❖ Executive Summary
❖ Mission ,Vision and Objectives
❖ 1.0 Company Background
1. Company Abroad
2. Organisational Chart
3. Features and Benefit
2.0 Product and Services
3.0 Market Analysis
3.1 Competitive Advantage and Barriers to Entry 3.2 Ownership
3.3 Legal Entity
3.4 Competition
3.5 Market Size
3.6 Target Customer
3.7 Trends
3.8 Communications
4.0 Financial Viability
4.1 Sources and Use of Funds Expansion
4.2 Financial Plan
4.3 Financial Plant
4.4 Use of Fund
4.5 Income statement Projection
4.6 Cash Flow Projection
4.7 Balance Sheet
5.0 Sales and Marketing Strategy
6.0 SWOT Analysis
7.0 Goals
8.0 Conclusion

“ To be a World Class Provider of BATIK Garment Industry ”

Our mission is to establish a Global Batik Boutique industry with world-class quality in fashion design to support corporate clients and stylist society of upper market. We would like to be known as an industry driven by social values. We strive to be a “Choice of Retailer” in developing long-term Batik business relationships with our customers, which are founded on our ability to help identify the style-fashion and recommend the best wares and look’s for our customers. We strive for continuous improvement in providing “New Design” and “Good Quality” materials selection through a “Right-on-Time ” fashion delivery.

Batek Empat Kawan Sdn Bhd need to grow their revenue by exporting Batik products and expanding into new markets segmentation. With faster communication, transportation and financial flows, the company is planning penetrate into United Kingdom Consumer market on establishment of Batik made garment products .

1.0 Company Background

Batek Empat Kawan Sdn Bhd (BEK Sdn Bhd ) is a Malaysian owned company, a batik fashion and boutique consulting firm head quarters in Cyberjaya, Malaysia, specializing in all kind of batik design garment products. BEK Sdn Bhd incorporated in 2001, has an Sales Office and Manufacturing plant at Kajang. Then in 2007 we have moved into SME Technopreneur Centre, Cyberjaya. In end of 2007 our employees nearly reaching 200 peoples.

BEK Sdn Bhd Employees Work Force Table
|Employees Growth |2001 |2002 |2003 |2004 |2005 |2006 |2007 | |No. Years | | | | | | | | |Direct Laborers |6 |10 |40 |40 |100 |150 |198 |

BEK Sdn Bhd has domain expertise in batik design. Our team consists of multi-skilled professionals, with high creative talents and inspirations from various platforms. BEK's management is drawn from various garment industries and their presence to the company creates wealth of experience and an unceasing flow of ideas to help us identify client needs and new areas of business and industry growth. BEK's employees provide the experience and tactical excellence that are needed to achieve our aggressive goals of satisfying clients requirements both today and in the future. The batik manufacturing division of BEK...
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