International Communications

Topics: Technology, Computer network, Society Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: September 25, 2005
The economic forces have shaped the structure of the global internet into an information society. Free flow of communication has increased and countries like United States infused themselves in the ?development theory? in today times. This type of theory is used to spread message of contemporary living and to shift economic and political models of the West to new independent countries. This is a form of globalization and the internet is key component of this use.

Countries can influence other nations by using the internet. There is a huge convergence of telecommunication and technologies dealing with computers in the world today. Many international companies and media based their transference of information through the internet. This will encourage other countries to get ?hi tech? and demand more technological knowledge. This will be a great profit for companies because they will have opportunity to present and promote new information and increase their profit. This is also excellent for media because it will force people to use the internet more for information.

New communication technologies will affect the configuration of the world communication system greatly. This new wave of communication technologies will influence and support international organizations. An information grid will be made to wire every home or business to a networked society. There is a great importance in technology which will increase a role in international economy. Internationally there will be a need for distribution, regulation, marketing, and management of the world communication system. Not everything in one country will be acceptable or legal in another country; for example there is a need for some type of rules for the internet. Communication technologies will also affect the way people work. With digital networking, transmit of information on stock markets, patent listings, currency fluctuations, portfolios and many other things can be provided around the...
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