international communication assignment 1

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CONTENT PAGE 1 Introduction 3 2.1 COMPANY PROFILE OF CABLE NEWS NETWORK (CNN) 4 Addendum 1: CNN website 6 Addendum 2: CNN Facebook page 7 Addendum 3: CNN China website 8 2.2 PATTERN OF INTERNATIONAL NEWS FLOW IN CNN 9 2.3 FACTORS INFLUENCING INTERNATIONAL NEWS FLOW 10 2.4THE ROLE AND RELATIONSHIP OF CNN AND GLOBAL NEWS AGENCIES11 2.4.1 Political and ideological factors 11 2.4.2 Social and cultural proximity 11 2.4.3 Geographic proximity 11 2.4.4 Attributes of the population 12 2.4.5 Social deviancy 12 Statistical deviancy 12 Addendum 4: Statistical deviancy example (Ebola epidemic in West Africa) 2.4.6 Relevance of the elite nations, countries and people 14 Addendum 5: Relevance of the elite nations, countries and people (Brangelina marriage) 2.4.7 Timeliness 15 2.4.8 The role of news agencies 15 2.5 GLOBAL NEWS AGENCIES 16 2.5.1 Global news agencies working with CNN 16 2.6 HOW NEWS FLOW IN AND OUT OF CNN 17 2.7 LANGUAGE EFFECT ON NEWS PRODUCTION 18 3 CONCLUSIONS 19 4 SOURCES CONSULTED 20

Over the years communication has cut across every corporate, non-governmental organisation and individual across the globe. According to mukhudwana (2013) “International communication is a dynamic and multidisciplinary subject combining knowledge of international relations, political science, media studies, organisational communication, sociology and psychology”. The aspect of international communication being dynamic and multidisciplinary also means that the study of international communication is interconnected and intertwined. As a management executive at The South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), a state owned radio and TV broadcaster in Republic of South Africa, which was established in 1936. The SABC’s television network includes 3 free to air channels, which are SABC1, SABC2, and SABC3. All these channels combined attract 18.6 million adult viewers daily, which comprise of 90% adults TV-viewing population in South Africa....
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