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This report stands for a report of Nawaloka Hospitals enters to international business in Vietnam. A proper review of the Vietnam market and Nawaloka capabilities are precisely shown.

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction of the company
Nawaloka Hospitals PLC is the biggest and pioneer private hospital in Sri Lanka. They have 400 bed capacities in the heart of Colombo making them the leading private hospital in Sri Lanka. This company provides all the treatments and diagnostic solutions with the finest health care technologies in the country.

Nawaloka Hospital was initially established in 1985. Late Chairman, Deshamanya H.K Dharmadasa was the creator of Nawaloka Hospital. By the end of 2013 financial year Nawaloka was holding the highest market capitalization of 4.5 Bnamong the listed hospital companies in Colombo Stock Exchange. Nawaloka hospital recorded an income of 4,229 Mn for 2013/14 financial year. Company’s profit was 108 Mn for the year. (Annual report 2013-14, Nawaloka Hospitals PLC).

1.1 Vision of Nawaloka Hospital PLC
“To be the Hospital of Tomorrow whilst maintaining leadership and excellence in health care industry”.

1.2 Mission of Nawaloka Hospitals PLC
“Toprovide the best health care to the needy in a cost effective, timely and professional manner”.

1.3 Highlights of the year
Introduced South Asia’s first and fastest 640 slice CT scanner. New Laboratory branch at Nawala
Implemented Neuro Navigator
Passed 10,000 heart surgeries
Passed 5000 Lasik surgeries
New hospital opening in Negombo
100+ Kidney transplant surgeries
First, certified Carbon Conscious Health care institute in Sri Lanka

1.4 Company performance highlights for 2013-14
Total revenue of the company has been increased by 2% compared to last year. Net assets per employee are again increased by 25%. Net profit ratio of the company has been decreased from 11% of 2013 to 5% of 2014. Capital expenditure is increased by 69% compared to 2013. Net assets per share have also been increased by 4%.

1.5 Core competencies
Nawaloka is the most popular and biggest private hospital in Sri Lanka. For the last two decades Nawaloka has been the most preferred the healthcare provider among people. Nawaloka was the first hospital to achieve National Quality Award, ISO accreditation and company has been the most awarded heath care provider of the island. Nawaloka has four subsidiaries and more laboratories are being implemented all the country.

2.0 Product overview
Nawaloka provides a wide range of diagnostic and treatment services. MRI scanning, OPD services, intensive care, echo cardiograph and many more services can be obtained from Nawaloka. Residential Treatments is one of their main service products.

Nawaloka has been able to maintain the lowest price per bed among the competitors while having the largest amount of beds as 415 Nos. This has been positive point to attract more customers.

Nawaloka has been accepted by the local market since the day they started. Every year company’s revenue has been increased. During the year 1.5Mn patients has visited the hospital for channeling consultations. 50,000 of that were given in-house treatments and 20,000 received OPD treatments.

Since Nawaloka has been the pioneer and the leader in private health care sector, now it is an appropriate time to move into the international business. Nawaloka Hospital has never entered in to the international business before. But statistics and present market state that if Nawaloka Hospital is having a competition, it will be from the international market.

2.1 Choosing a suitable market to enter
Below points will be concerned before put up...

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