International Business Plan: Export Business

Topics: European Union, International trade, Germany Pages: 14 (4451 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Executive Summary
In Bangladesh the leather industry is well established and ranked fourth in terms of earning foreign exchange. In consideration of being a value added sector the (Government of Bangladesh (GoB), Ministry of Industry (MoI) has declared it as a priority sector. The leather products sector have huge opportunities in generating employment , entrepreneurship and investment by increasing export of higher value added products rather than finished leather and by utilizing locally made raw material (finished leather) to convert into more value added leather products (including footwear and other leather goods). The contribution of the industry sector to Bangladesh economy has been on the increase. Among the fifteen sectors identified for national income “Leather Industry” is one of them. Industry is the backbone upon which the economy of any country prevails. The growth of economy, the internal development of a nation depends upon the development of industrial sector. The cheap, reliable, and abundant labor available in Bangladesh is attractive to the world’s leading transnational corporations, but they have been very slow to move into the country, as they face regular industrial unrest led by radical trade unions, poorly developed infrastructure, red tape, and a very small local market. As in neighboring India, the Bangladeshi government promoted the idea of state-led industrialization combined with heavy state involvement in and state control of enterprise activities. As a fast growing leather manufacturer company we are going to establish international business through export. Already we are able to create a brand image in domestic market by implementing our tremendous business strategy. In domestic market we have achieved a contributory position and fulfill the extensive part of local market demand. This assignment paper deals with choose a suitable country and analyze that country in perspective of culture, law, politics and economy to prepare a business plan to take business into that selected country. There is a bright future in exporting leather products in global market. There is a huge market demand of raw leather, finished leather and other leather goods in global market, especially in European market. We select Germany as a center market location to capture the whole European market. After analyzing different issues we decide to export our excess leather production to fulfill global market demand as well as contribute to our country’s economy.

Company Overview
Company Name: Northern Leather craft Limited
Northern Leather Craft Limited manufactures crust, split and finished leather. Northern Leather Craft Limited also produces mesh and leather goods made of goat, cow, and sheep hides that are used by Garments, Shoe and other leather goods industry. The process that Northern Leather Craft adopted from procuring raw hides to finished good. We are working very efficiently in domestic market for last twelve years. Our focuses are on meeting customers’ expectations and provide satisfaction. To achieve these, our professional team is dedicated on identifying and sourcing the right kind of skin in domestic arena. Our raw materials are screened by experts at its source and selected for various kinds of customer requirement and put (Through the processes to meet the ultimate customer's need). Our tanneries are fully geared with contemporary equipments and machineries for ensuring quality of product. We ensure end-to-end quality control and our large talent pool of qualified and skilled technicians ensure that rigid expectations of customers are met by on line quality control. The qualities of our products speak for us. We have a very dedicated customer profile who is dealing with us since our inception. Our finished products are very popular in domestic market. Northern Leather Craft Limited has around 150 dedicated employees who are technically very sound having professional degrees from different...
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