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Table of Contents:-

Executive Summary3


Company Overview5

Attractiveness of the market7

Country Factor Analysis7

▪ Political Factor7
▪ Economic Factor9
▪ Social Factor9
▪ Cultural Factor10
▪ Legal Factor11
▪ Religious Factor12



Executive Summary:-



The world is getting smaller and smaller by new ways of technology and modes of communication. With the rapid changes in the globalization now every country is on the pathway to develop the international trade with different countries. India being a developing country developed countries like United States; United Kingdom etc. are keen on launching their successful products and services in India. In today’s time Indian people are more interested in international trade affairs. The patrons are becoming more educated about the foreign products and services and the value and experience which they deliver. When companies gets it foot into the international trade relations there are many factors that come into consideration beyond the borders of the home country, like culture, business structure, religious beliefs, social behavior and different consumers segments and their different mind sets. When a company deals with other country, they not only deal in economical factors but also in social, cultural, market structure and the way buyers get influenced to buy the products and use services. Hence the international company tries to builds long term relationship and trust into their patrons.

Disneyland is the world’s number one amusement park which touches people on an emotional level. The main idea of Disneyland was originated by Walt Disney, A man, who had a dream of world’s number one theme park and had imagined that both young children and adults will have great life experience in Disneyland. Disneyland covers about 100 acres of land in Los Angeles and has a wide area covered for different entertainment and refreshment for people to give them best of life experience. Disneyland functionally came into operation after 1965 with 50 million visitor’s everyday. The fame which Disneyland has gained in the local and international market is because of its popularity in the value experience they provide to their patrons. There is a speech given by the president of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Mr. Jay Rasulo says it all about Disneyland’s passion to become a world player in the theme park business.

“ Our passion for bringing great stories to life has taken Walt Disney Parks and Resorts to amazing places over the last 50 years, We will continue to scale new heights in our ongoing quest to create great experiences for our guests” – Jay Rasulo (Walt Disney Parks and Resorts President). (

Disneyland is promoted from the unique strengths of the Company's assets and the long-term growth strategies that they have developed as they advanced in business and saw their company growing tremendously by the attendance at our theme parks from both domestic and international visitors. Disney's talented and experienced management team is committed to creating the best in quality family entertainment while maintaining an unwavering focus on rising income, capital and other financial aspects of the company.

Company Overview:-

The Walt Disney Studios is the foundation on which Disney was built, and at its heart are world-renowned animated features and live-action motion pictures. The Walt Disney Studios distributes motion pictures under Walt Disney Pictures - which includes Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios and DisneyToon Studios - Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures and Miramax Films. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment distributes Disney and other film titles to the rental and sell-through home entertainment markets worldwide. Disney Theatrical...

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