International Business and Foreign Market Entry

Topics: International business, Case study, Case analysis Pages: 5 (1261 words) Published: November 28, 2010

College of Business Administration
Chung-Ang University
Fall 2010

MW: 01:30 - 02:45 (법학관 404)

Instructor: Dr. Changbum Choi
Office:14th floor Business Administration Building
Telephone:(02) 820-5583 (Office)
E-mail Address:choilee @
Office Hours:W: 3-4pm

Course Description

International Business Management course is designed to assist students in understanding the global environment in which international business takes place, as well as the role and behavior of the international firm as it responds to the environment. The course aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and sensitivities that help them manage business operations more proactively in the turbulent international environment. This will be achieved through lectures, class discussions, and cases. Because this course is a combination of lectures and business cases, strong student participation in the class discussion is required.

Course Learning Objectives

1. Define international business and discuss how it differs from domestic business. 2. Define and discuss key terms and concepts related to international business. 3. Acquire a basic understanding of the structure of the global economy and the perspectives of various actors in the global economy. 4. Make well-reasoned suggestions about how to address many of the challenges and opportunities likely to arise in international business. For example, students would be expected to knowledgeably discuss the pros and cons of particular ways of entering national markets, of managing foreign exchange risk, and of selecting members for cross-cultural teams. Other issues students will be expected to learn about are outlined in this syllabus and will be addressed as the course progresses. 5. Knowledgeably discuss some of the key public policy, ethical, and environmental issues that are typically connected to international business. 6. In addition, by following through on course requirements you will have improved your written and oral communication skills and your ability to work in teams. You will also have opportunities to become more proficient in using the Internet for research. Required Text and Materials

1. Case & Reading Packet

Class Procedures (Method of Instruction)

The content of this course will be conveyed through a mix of lectures, discussions, and cases. Each approach in the mix is designed to develop and elaborate on the content of the assigned readings. Class meetings will encourage student participation. As such, students are expected:

to knowledgeably discuss the assigned readings
to raise questions they may have about assigned readings •to participate in the class and case discussions

You will be required to study the assigned readings and to present your analysis and insights to other members of the class. I do expect students to show a good grasp of the concepts and issues addressed in this course and their relevance to managers of international businesses. To that end, it would be advisable to take notes in class, but, in your reading and in the lectures and discussions try to concentrate on issues, trends and relationships rather than on memorizing definitions and statistics.


Students are expected to attend classes regularly since constant attendance offers the best opportunity to master the course material and contribute to classroom discussions. Any student who misses a class is responsible for obtaining notes from a classmate regarding any changes in assignment, exam dates, and materials covered in class discussion. Grading breakdown is as follows:

1. Mid-term Exam 25 %
2. Final Exam 30 %
3. Case presentation (in teams) 30 %
4. Quiz...
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