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IB Assignment

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004.01 International Business Concepts & Organization
01. Define International Business and describe how it differ from domestic business? 02. Define Foreign Business? #**# Define multinational company? #**# Define Global Company? #**# Define international Company? 03. Why do companies engage in international Business?

04. Describe international business model?
05. Explain the rationale of government intervention in international business? 06. What are the different forms of entering in the foreign market? Explain breafly each of the forms?  
Q.1. Briefly describe the evaluation of international Business? Q.2. Why one should study international business? #**# What are the reasons and necessary of international Business? Q.3. Why international business is different? #**# What are the risks of international business? #**# What are the points to be understood to have a clear view of the international business models? Q.4. What is internationalization process? #**# What are the alternative forms of international Business? #**# Briefly describe the role of multinational organization?  

004.02 Economies theories of International Business
01. What are the advantages of knowing the economic theories of international business? 02. Which trade theory help to explain where to produce?
03. Which theory prescribe governmental interface to achieve certain national objective? 04. Why trade barriers are necessary to protect national interest with logic? 05. How international business contributes toward economic development and the social well being?  

Q.2. What are the arguments for trade restrictions? #**# Explain different kinds of import restrictions imposed to minimize import? Q.3. What is foreign direct investment? #**# What are the factors influence foreign direct investment? Q.4. What are the objectives of FDI? #**# Factors affecting choice of FDI for sales Expansion? #**# Factors Affecting the location of FDI?  

004.03 International Business Strategy.
01. Why have many world Wide firms found it necessary to institute global strategic planning? 02. What are the situational conditional unique to international operations? 03. Explain different types of international strategy?

04. Explain the country strategy of a global strategy?
05. What are the benefits of being a global competitor?
06. How can design and design management is exploited by companies seeking to penetrate foreign market? 07. Why do business in every country must consider theinternational perspective in formulating their strategies? Explain and justify your viewpoint? 08. What do you mean by technology? What benefits a Country will get if we contemplate on technology collaboration? Discuss?  

004.04 Export and import practices
01. what are the common terms of sale quoted by exporters? #**# Explain to what point the seller must pay all transportation and delivery costs? 02. a) Explain the various export payment terms that are available? 02. b) Which two offer the most protection to the seller?

03. what are the procedure for a letter of credit transaction? 04. What is Export Processing Zone? Check with a customhouse broker or customs official or do some research in the library to to find out the advantages of a EPZ over a Branded Warehouse? 05. What are the purposes of an export bill of lading?

06. Which are the important steps in designing export strategies? 07. What do you mean by:
1. A commercial invoice.
2. Bill of lading
3. Certificate of origin
4. clean report of findings
08. What do you mean by back to back letter of credit? How it differ from other letter of credit? 09. What is foreign direct investment? #**# Discuss different schemes that govt can taken so far to attract foreign direct investment?  

Q.1. How and why insurance company’s...
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