International Adoption

Topics: Adoption, International adoption, Family law Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: December 5, 2013
International Adoption
Millions of children worldwide are living in orphanages or on the streets waiting for a miracle to happen and dreaming of lovable parents and families. Most of them are destined never to be adopted in their own countries. Therefore, international adoption is considered to be the best way to provide good homes for these children. Firstly, adopting a child from another country brings joy to thousands of adoptive parents and children in need of happy families every year. In recent decades, the number of families from wealthy Western countries wanting to adopt children from underdeveloped countries has grown substantially. Those people are financially stable and ready to provide everything for their children. They do not only contribute to the country’s welfare by paying high adoption fees but also, what is more important, they offer to a child proper care and much needed parental love. According to some research many adopted children have had impressive developmental gains after becoming members of one such family. The neediest children are actually sick, disabled or traumatized. Therefore, these children can receive life-altering if not life-saving medical care. Also, in these new conditions, surrounded by people who openly express their affection and love, they are able to overcome extreme depravation and depression. They are saved from poverty, diseases and loneliness. Secondly, examples of families that have been through the process of international adoption demonstrate the human capacity for love across lines of difference. Also, these families stand for a positive force striving for good in a world that is torn apart by hatred based on racial, ethnic, and national differences. In most of the cases adoptive parents do not neglect the origin of the child. They are ready to explore the child’s birth country and culture so that they can create an atmosphere of a real home for them. This means a world to children, especially, for those...

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