International Adoption

Topics: Adoption, International adoption, Orphanage Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: November 5, 2013

    International adoption has been a growing factor over the last century. Orphans are being taken from their families and homes with or without permission from large agencies and private families from the united states. There are many pros and cons of international adoption and circumstances that come into play when children are exported from their countries and taken in by many families here in the states.

    International adoption dates back to the early 1900’s and since then thousands of organizations and agencies provide access for families to adopt children that are suffering from poverty, abandonment, or rough situations that could potentially be life threatening. International adoption is great in many ways because it provides care for children in need that are not being taken care of. In 2004, nearly 23,000 orphans were imported into the U.S. by caring families waiting for a chance to help and take on a role to be a parent of an orphan from a different culture. Americans adopting orphans provide new opportunities through our education system and the skills to become successful, an unlikely trait if they would have continued to grow up in their circumstances. Most organizations provide a plan where you could completely adopt an orphan within a year. Since China has a one child per family limit most of the orphans in present times are coming from chinese based origins. Since 2004, adoption numbers have nearly been cut in half due to the new regulations other countries are putting in place to slow down the illegal adoptions. “In 2010, the number is likely to be fewer than ten thousand, and by 2013 below seven thousand. In addition to the closing of several prominent sending nations, like Guatemala and Vietnam, others have cut back”(Seabrook 7). Since the restrictions that China has put in place the average wait time today for an orphan is 6 years. Now this could be viewed as a good thing for kidnapping reasons, however there are going to be many...
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