Internal Selection: Preliminary Issues

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Chapter 10
Internal Selection
Preliminary Issues

True / False Questions

1. Internal selection is virtually identical to external selection both in terms of the applicability of the logic of the prediction principle, and in terms of the relevance of data about past job experiences.  True    False


2. In comparison with external selection, internal selection places greater emphasis on predictor signs than samples.  True    False


3. In internal selection, managers tend to overemphasize subjective opinions about job candidates, with a consequent increase in decisions with low validity.  True    False


4. Organizations typically have better data with which to make choices on internal than external candidates.  True    False


5. Depth of information and relevance are the only advantages that internal selection has over external selection.  True    False


6. Sometimes individuals who have excellent skills in engineering and scientific positions do not have good managerial skills.  True    False


Multiple Choice Questions

7. In comparing internal selection with external selection, an advantage of internal selection is that ________.  A. internal selection requires few procedures to locate and screen viable job candidates B. internal selection presents fewer dangers of incurring legal liability than external selection C. information about internal candidates tends to be more verifiable than information about external candidates D. there is less need to use multiple predictors in assessing internal candidates than with external candidates


8. Within the context of internal selection, an accurate statement about the logic of prediction would be that _____________.  A. the logic of prediction can be applied more precisely for internal selection than for external selection B. the logic of prediction has identical application for internal and external selection C. the logic of prediction works better for external selection than for internal selection D. this concept does not apply to internal selection


9. While information from internal selection can be better because multiple point of view can be combined, there are concerns that _____________.  A. bribery for promotions is widespread
B. impression management and politics can play a role in who gets promoted C. internal candidates with poor technical skills are likely to be promoted D. instincts and intuition are not given enough weight


10. Problems with using others' "feelings" about a job applicant include _____________.  A. lowered hiring standards for some employees
B. discrimination on the basis of protected class status
C. decisions with low validity
D. all of the above

Initial Assessment Methods

True / False Questions

11. Talent management systems keep an ongoing organizational record of the skills, talents, and capabilities of an organization's employees.  True    False


12. Organizations find that talent management systems are low cost and require little expertise.  True    False


13. A virtue of peer assessments is that they rely on raters who are very knowledgeable of applicants' KSAOs.  True    False


14. A different set of criteria are used to evaluate the effectiveness of internal assessment methods, since concepts like validity and adverse impact are unimportant for internal hiring.  True    False


Multiple Choice Questions

15. Where peer assessments are concerned, it would be accurate to say that _____________.  A. peer ratings rely on voting to select the most promotable applicants B. peer assessments are used for both internal and external applicants C. peer rankings rely on ordering of peers being assessed

D. peer rankings rely on assessments of each applicant using scores on a continuous numerical scale


16. An important advantage of peer assessments is __________.  A. lower probability of bias in the assessment...
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