Internal Recruitment

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Internal Recruitment
The assessment of an employer's current staff to ascertain if any current employees are sufficiently skilled or qualified to perform required job vacancies. When a business engages in internal recruitment, a current employee might be reassigned to the new position by giving them either a promotion or an internal transfer.

Advantages of Internal Recruitment
Reduced Recruiting Costs
There are costs associated with recruiting, especially when your search is conducted outside of the company's talent pool. External recruitment fees can include advertising costs, fees paid to recruiting firms, candidate travel expenses, background checks, drug tests and sign-on bonuses. Promoting internal candidates cuts all of these fees out of your recruiting budget. In addition, internal candidates are likely not interviewing with other companies, which avoids bidding wars and means overcoming counter offers is not a concern.

Reduced Training Time
Internal recruitment greatly reduces the amount of time and cost associated with the training process. Internal candidates do not need orientation and tend to only need training on specific tasks related to the new responsibilities of the promotion. External candidates will require orientation, all-inclusive training and tend to need more time to acclimate to the company culture and operating procedures.

Reduced Risks
Hiring a new employee can be a gamble, and hiring mistakes are costly. Internal candidates typically will have an established track record with your company, documented employee reviews and a deeper sense of loyalty than a new hire. Likewise, you can be confident that the internal candidate is a good fit with your company culture if he is requesting more responsibility by means of a promotion. Increased Employee Moral

A major factor of employee satisfaction is career mobility. Rewarding an existing employee with a promotion shows the rest of the team that with hard work, upward movement is a real possibility. As a result, internal recruitment often increases employee productivity long past the time the hiring decision is made.

 Labor Relation
Internal recruitment bringsan efficientlabor relation between employees and management as they are transferred and promoted to desired places. Economy
Internal recruitment method is economical, as the organization need not spend much money for recruitment of employees from outside the organization.

Improves productivity
Organisations with a policy of promoting from within tend to have more highly motivated staff. If a person feels they will be rewarded for dedication and hard work, they are far more likely to take ownership of their position and give it their best efforts. Internal recruits are also more likely to have previous knowledge of company policies and procedures. This means they will pick up the requirements of the new job more easily than someone brought in from the outside and thus will be more productive from the outset.

Disadvantages of Internal Recruitment
Limited Choice
Internal recruitment provides limited choice of talent available in the organization as it avoids the arrival of fresh candidates. Internal recruitment does not tap any candidate from outside the organization; hence, the choice upon members of organization is limited. Implementation of Traditional System

Internal recruitment requires the implementation of traditional form, system, process and procedures. And this limits the scope of fresh talent in the organization. No Opportunity
In internal recruitment, the internal employees are protected from competition by not providing any opportunity to fresh talents. This also develops a tendency among the employees to take promotions without any extra knowledge or talent. Limited Internal Sources

The source of supply of manpower is limited in internal recruitment method. When an employee is promoted, his/her previous position will be vacant and another...
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