Internal Rate of Return and Tangshan Mining

Topics: Internal rate of return, Net present value, Rate of return Pages: 4 (837 words) Published: December 24, 2012
26) Company K is considering two mutually exclusive projects. The cash flows of the projects are as follows:

Year| Project A| Project B|
0| -$2,000,000| -$2,000,000|
1| 500,000| |
2| 500,000| |
3| 500,000| |
4| 500,000| |
5| 500,000| |
6| 500,000| |
7| 500,000| 5,650,000|

a.Compute the NPV and IRR for the above two projects, assuming a 13% required rate of return.
b.Discuss the ranking conflict.
c.What decision should be made regarding these two projects?
a.NPV of A = $211,305 NPV of B = $401,592.64
IRR of A = 16.33% IRR of B = 15.99%
b. The later cash flow of B causes its lower IRR even though it has the higher NPV.
c.B should be accepted because it is the mutually exclusive project with the highest positive NPV. Keywords: NPV, IRR
AACSB: Analytic skil

4) Tangshan Mining Company must choose its optimal capital structure. Currently, the firm has a 40 percent debt ratio and the firm expects to generate a dividend next year of $4.89 per share and dividends are grow at a constant rate of 5 percent for the foreseeable future. Stockholders currently require a 10.89 percent return on their investment. Tangshan Mining is considering changing its capital structure if it would benefit shareholders. The firm estimates that if it increases the debt ratio to 50 percent, it will increase its expected dividend to $5.24 per share. Because of the additional leverage, dividend growth is expected to increase to 6 percent and this growth will be sustained indefinitely. However, because of the added risk, the required return demanded by stockholders will increase to 11.34 percent.

(a)What is the value per share for Tangshan Mining under the current capital structure?
(b)What is the value per share for Tangshan Mining under the proposed capital structure?
(c)Should Tangshan Mining make the capital structure change? Explain.
(a)The current price of Tangshan Mining...
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