Internal Memo Report

Topics: United States, Population, Education, The Opportunity, Labor, Unemployment / Pages: 2 (393 words) / Published: Oct 15th, 2014

TO: Ethan Hall, President

FROM: Alex O'Neill, Personnel Department

DATE: September 21, 2014

SUBJ: City Recommendation for New X37 Plant

Federal Chemical Inc. faces the task of determining the most adequate location, within Louisiana, for the creation of a new X37 chemical plant that best capitalizes on a sufficient and qualified labor force. In addition, the plant must have full access to a water supply that allows Federal Chemical to utilize barges for transportation. Due to the competitive nature of the industry and a two-week deadline to reach a decision, extensive research was undertaken to satisfy the need for a quick, yet intelligent recommendation for the most suitable plant location. With this information in mind, Federal Chemical’s most ideal choice for a new X37 plant exists in Houseville, Louisiana.

Abundant Opportunities to Capitalize On
With all of the aforementioned requirements fulfilled within Houseville, focusing on acquiring a dedicated, qualified, and educated workforce remains the most important task. I believe Houseville to hold the most optimum untapped, unemployed labor force in Louisiana. Additionally, Houseville surpasses all other competitor cities in the following ways:
An immediate population of 63,000, around 35% more populated than the next closest location candidate
The city lies 15 miles off the Gulf Shore, and contains a man-made, navigable channel running to the coast, an asset no other location holds
The average age of Houseville’s population sits second lowest at 38 years of age, and holds a formal education margin for unemployed of one point four years over the closest candidate
The type of employee in Houseville permeates growth for Federal Chemical as machine operators, technical, and clerical workers compose a combined labor force percentage total of 47%, six points higher than the closest candidate and nearly 17,000 more qualified workers
Houseville workers thirst for career

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