Internal Influences

Topics: Electronic commerce, Coca-Cola, Marketing Pages: 3 (691 words) Published: August 2, 2010
In any business internal influences of change play a major role in achieving effective profitability management. Coca cola amital which is a large transnational corporation which specialsiles in the production of fizzy and concentrated bevarages. CCL which competes in such a competitive industry must make sure that they have the utmost productive strategies in order to compete on a world wide scale. CCL internal influences of change significantly impact on the profitability of the business, the goal of the business is to make profits and reach their goals this will be achieved if profitablity management is effective.

The internal influences of change are accelerating technology, ecommerce,new systems and procedures, new business cultures. Accelerating technology is advances in technology such as information and communications technology. Firstly accelerating technology has meant that information can be transfered around the world alot quicker meaning that people can now work from home. Working from home creates many opportunites for people as they can save on costs of renting a shop etc. CCL accelerating technology changes have been state of the art warehousing,electronic ordering and the $65 million dollars spent on operating systems upgrades.

Ecommerce is the use of electronic communications to do business. This covers all transactions made by electronic methods. The main types of e-commerce are Business to customer and business to business. Ecommerce is when a customer purchases a product online by credit card. Or when a business pays it accounts,sends quotes or orders suppplies electronically. The main advantage of ecommerce is that it dramatically reduces the cost of doing business.

New system and procedures are new and improved ways of doing business. This is for example the internet or the self serve checkouts in coles or woolworths. It also can be new ways of performing taks. CCL for example monitor the forecast anticiaptiating hot weahter...
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