Internal History

Topics: Eva Perón, Argentina, Juan Perón Pages: 2 (446 words) Published: August 14, 2013
Adriana Gomez
Internal Assessment outline
Eva Peron, the myth

Research Question:

To what extent was Eva Peron just a myth?
To what extent was Eva Peron a public figure, rather than a true Argentinian politician?

Specific Questions:

1. Who was Eva of Peron Duarte?
2. Who was Juan Domingo Peron?
3. What was the economic status of Argentina in 1949?
4. What was Eva Peron’s social status while living with her parents? 5. What was her job as a teenager?
6. What event made her famous in the public eye?
7. What was the “Fundacion Eva”, and what was their job? 8. What was Eva Peron’s contact with the international community? 9. What were the individual reactions of the nations visited by Eva Peron through the “Rainbow tour”? 10. What is the metaphor behind the name the “Rainbow tour”? 11. Why was Eva Peron considered megalomaniac?

Tentative Bibliography

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Taylor, J. M. Eva Perón, the Myths of a Woman. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1979. Print.

Plan of investigation:

Eva Duarte was an Argentinian woman born in the outskirts of the country, in a low class family. She grew up to marry the successful politician and future president, Juan Domingo Peron. The first Lady, now known as Evita Peron, became the protective and...

Bibliography: by Sonntag-Grigera, Gabriela. The historical reliability of these documents will be evaluated according to their purposes, values, and limitations. These sources will help the analysis and further conclusions reached through out the investigation.
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