Internal Environment

Topics: Marketing, Customer relationship management, Customer service Pages: 4 (1042 words) Published: April 28, 2012
Corporate Structure. Mercedes-Benz corporate structure is representing eleven different departments, with an average of four core practice areas in each. Let’s start the discussion of the corporate structure by considering Corporate Communications Department. This department works on cultivating a positive news-media image and manages internal communications to retails. . Whenever Mercedes-Benz owners are in need of answers on their questions, customer service is there for them 24/7, Customer Service department is responsible for providing solutions to the problems and offer roadside assistance. The next one is the Distribution and Logistics department, which ensures the timely deliveries, arrange transportation, manage inventory. Specialized Technical Department introduces modifications and correct damages. Engineering's primary functions developing service manuals, product testing, enhance the safety of products, conduct trend analysis on parts replaced under warranty. The next one is the Human Resources, it’s primary aim to find, recruit and retain diverse and highly qualified workforce. IT department organizes and maintains the internal network infrastructure to support the collaborative processes, which are quick, efficient, and secure in the Mercedes-Benz. The legal one department is the General Counsel, which deals with all legal processes, such as obligations, rights and privileges. Marketing department mostly focuses its efforts on different promotional activities aimed to strengthen brand and product image. Promotional activities include some lifestyle events, , internet marketing , product placement, relationship marketing, and advertising. Marketing also develops the programs for product development and applies targeted marketing strategies. Sales department’s function primarily supports the dealer network with new and certified pre-owned sales. Additionally, the corporate sales group handles...
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