Internal Communication: Planning the Flow

Topics: Management, Problem solving, Need Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: March 24, 2011
As personnel manager, you want to announce details about this year’s company picnic. I think this would be horizontal flow because this helps employees to share information. They type of communication that I would use is a bulletin board notice or a memo. The reason I picked bulletin board notice is because some employees may use the bulletin board for communication and if they see the notice, then maybe they would tell everyone about the picnic. I also picked memo because not all employees may see the bulletin board notice or they might not even walk by the bulletin board.

As director of internal communication, you want to convince top management of the need for a company newsletter. I think this would be downward flow because decisions like this would have to go through the person who is in charge and then down to the people who will carry it out if it is approved. They type of communication that I would use is a meeting because that way you have more people in the room to hear about what you want to do. Also, that way people know what you want to do and then they can discuss it together and come up with different ways to do the newsletter if approved.

As production manager, you want to make sure that both the sales manager and the finance manager receive your scheduling estimates. I think this would be upward flow because you want them to know about your scheduling estimates and that way they can make the right decisions. The type of communication that I would use is casual conversation because that way you can talk to the sales manager and the finance manager at the same time. That way they know what you’re asking for and you could give those copies of your scheduling estimates in person so that you know that they got them.

As marketing manager, you want to help employees understand the company’s goals and its attitudes toward workers. I think this would be horizontal flow because it helps employees to share information and it helps solve problems. The...
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