Internal Combustion Engine and Fuel

Topics: Internal combustion engine, Petroleum, Peak oil Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Even as fuel prices have witnessed the ups and down in the recent times, vehicle lovers and commuters are approaching auto experts to learn tips not only to maintain the engine efficiency but also to save the fuel. People are gradually feeling the importance of conserving fuel and saving money as well. "We are asked to give tips to save fuel by customers," said a petrol pump employee near Hanuman Temple, adding that the consumers have become more aware want to have more tips and directions to save fuel. Automobile experts claim that apart from certain vehicles having techniques of increasing fuel efficiency, there are some commonly used fuel saving techniques employed by drivers. "You can do a lot as far as saving fuel is concerned by taking certain steps," said Devendra, an auto expert. He advised that air filter should should be cleaned regularly for better flow of air into the combustion chamber for igniting the fuel better. "This step can easily save fuel," he added. Similarly, owners should go for regular cleaning of fuel filter for a proficient compel. He, however, admitted that vehicle owners have now become more aware as far as maintenance of the vehicles is concerned and they usually ask for suggestions to keep the vehicle fit. Apart from fuel and air filter, there should be accurate wheel balancing as it is also an important factor to increase the efficiency of engine. Experts also suggest that vehicle owners should go for good quality of fuel. And, when it comes to maintaining the engine of two-wheelers, the spark plug should be well-maintained. People generally ask for tips to maintain the vehicle and reduce fuel consumption, said manager of a petrol pump. "We usually advise them to follow the directives issued by oil companies," he added. An IOC official said that awareness camps are being organised on fortnightly basis, where vehicle owners are told about the right way of driving to save the fuel. "Awareness campaigns are held at petrol pumps on...
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