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Internal Assessment Anthropology Observation

By burningboy25 Dec 18, 2011 674 Words
Observation Report on Tim Horton’s

Bilal Negash
Ms. Kilbourn
October 13, 2010
Internal Assessment – Tim Hortons

The following observations have been reported due to findings I have noticed in Tim Hortons that deal with different ethnicities of people and their behaviours. They should not be used to judge the following cultures, but to simply observe their behaviours in comparison with other ethnicities.

Tables with three or more friends
These tables are racially discriminated because I see the same ethnicities of people sitting together with one another, ignoring what other races say, such as African, Asian and Caucasian. There is little communication between different ethnicities since they usually speak in their own language. Ethnicities with more than 5 people sitting in a table tend to speak more loudly than groups of people with 2 – 3 people. For example: A group of 6 Somali people spoke loudly and can be heard across the restaurant, while speaking in their national language. Some of these Somali people wear Islamic headwear such as the Kofia, probably going or returning to a Mosque. Furthermore, it seems as if males and females are being segregated from one another when they are sitting in large groups of people, unless they are in a family because it seems they prefer to be with their own gender.

Tables with Families
Families go to Tim Hortons as a way to spend time and socialize with one another, while enjoying the food and drinks. Families spend time with one another through playing games with their children such as Tic-Tac-Toe and socializing. A common resemblance noticed in families with children, is that they usually purchase snacks such as donuts or muffins for their kids. Although, there are some differences in families such as one particular family of Caucasian decent leaving their garbage behind, while many other Caucasian families clean their tables showing differences in a similar race.

Tables with one person
Many individuals come to Tim Hortons as a way to relax and waste time. These individuals who sit alone tend to have something to occupy their time with while eating or drinking their food such as their cell phones, laptops, or the newspaper. Some of these individuals come to Tim Hortons to waste time as shown through an elderly man who sleeps in the restaurant after drinking his coffee.

The Employees
The employees at Tim Hortons are predominantly of South Asian decent and work well with one another. These employees speak their cultural language since they are mainly composed of the same ethnicity. They have fast and convenient service for customers who come into Tim Hortons and those who go through the drive – thru. Those people who go through the drive-thru seem to be busy and don’t have enough time to get out of their cars, so they employees give their food or drinks quickly. It took 5 minutes and 32 seconds for a man to get his food through the drive – thru, which shows the speed and convenience of their service.

Common Resemblance
All of these different ethnicities show a common resemblance when they go to Tim Hortons, which is to enjoy the foods and drinks from the restaurant as well as socialize with their friends and families. Tim Hortons is recognized as a Canadian icon, which many people around the world know Canada is famous for and have grown accustomed to their coffee and food. One particular pattern I have noticed when I went to Tim Hortons is that a majority of the adults purchase coffee, which shows a common similarity with most ethnic groups. Another common resemblance I had noticed was that all different age groups and ethnicities meet at a common place, Tim Hortons, for a common reason, to enjoy their great food and have fun.

These results in general conclude to state that although we have many different ethnicities in a multicultural Canada, we all share similarities and differences with one another and should grow to acknowledge these throughout our lives. Word Count: 661

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