Internal and External Factors

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Internal and External Factors
Management: Theory, Practice, and Application
December 19,2011
Ian Peters

Internal and External Factors
(Goodwill Industries)

Businesses everywhere have to plan and set goals in order to thrive and succeed in whatever conditions the economy may be in. Part of planning and goal setting for any company is identifying internal and external factors that will have an impact on the success of a company as well as determining how they will impact the company. Knowing what the influences are and how they will impact the company allows a company to plan and set goals accordingly. For the purposes of this paper the company Goodwill is going to be used as an example. This paper will identify some key internal and external factors that influence the company, how those internal and external factors affect the four functions of management, and how managers can use delegation to manage the different factors and management functions. Goodwill is an organization that is defined itself as a team of people that have a vision, respect, ethics, learning, and innovation ("Goodwill Industries International", 2011). In order to work as a successful organization they must consider all the internal and external factors. There are going to be situations and events that will affect the way the organization is run, the situations can have a positive impact or a negative impact. Internal factors that will drive this organization are those that occur within the structure of the organization itself. These things need to have a structure that can be adhered by all those involved. When looking into the internal structure one must consider many factors such as financial management, organization of the employees, and the planning of how the message of the goodwill will get to the public. If there is no structure the organization will fall apart thus leading to the collapse of the organization. External factors are those that affect the...

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