Internal Analysis

Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Marketing strategy Pages: 32 (10546 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Project: Module 5 – Strategic Marketing Management

Internal Analysis
Teaching Hotel Château Bethlehem

Table of content
2Organisation Analysis5
2.1MABA- Analysis5
2.1.1Indicators and Weighting5
2.1.2Explanation of Analysis Factors5
2.2Resource Based View analysis7
2.2.2Capabilities (VRIN-criteria)8
2.37 S Framework Mc Kinsey10
2.3.1THCB’s 7S10
2.3.27S Matrix13
2.4Activity System Analysis15
3Marketing audit16
3.1Awareness of guest’s needs and wants16
3.2Differentiation in marketing approach for the different markets17
3.3Marketing orientation of management in order to develop the new strategies18
3.4Facilities for development of new services/products18
3.5Does the organization lead control and direct the marketing from the top, do the managers work well together with the managers of the other departments19
3.6Use of Marketing research19
3.7Effectiveness and Efficiency of marketing department20
3.8Quality of communication amongst internal departments about marketing related topics20
3.9Reaction time to changes in market/environment21
4Financial audit22
4.1Current situation analysed with ratios22
4.2Financial forecast for coming 5 years26
5Overall conclusion28
6.1Organisation Analysis30
6.1.1Organizational Chart30
6.1.2The 7s Matrix31
6.1.3Activity System Analysis32

The second step in the Strategic Marketing Management Process for the Teaching Hotel Chateau Bethlehem was to develop an analysis of the organization’s environment. To ensure that all relevant topics are covered the report is divided into three main sections: analysis of the organization, marketing audit and financial audit. To analyze the organization itself four different models have been approached to raise the opportunity of determining the company from different angles. Those include the MABA-analysis (Marketing Attractiveness Business position Analysis), the resource based view analysis, 7 S framework by Mc Kinsey and the activity system analysis. Next to that the marketing audit has an important role within the internal analysis. This section is covering aspects such as the company’s mission statement, its structure and company culture and products, just to mention sum of them. The outcome of this section is evaluating a company’s internal marketing goals, objectives, operations and efficiency. Furthermore the financial situation of THCB is evaluated for the current and future situation. This includes a financial forecast for the upcoming five years under the assumption that the actual strategy is maintained. Summarized each section of the internal analysis of the organization will stress strength and weaknesses for the THCB which will form the basis of the following steps within the strategic marketing process.

Organisation Analysis
The following chapter will provide a profound insight in strengths and weaknesses of THCB regarding positioning, processes, personnel, structure and strategy. The market attractiveness in relation to the business attractiveness will be discussed in the MABA analysis. Further the resource based view analysis will give indication of the company’s resources and how they can be combined to capabilities which can differentiate the teaching hotel from its competitors. The 7s analysis will shed light into seven different areas – strategy, structure, systems, shared values, style, staff and skills. These 7s are used as compasses and to determine whether the seven different areas are working hand in hand with each other. Finalizing the organization analysis the activity system analysis assesses the relationship between core...
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