Internal Alignment

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Executive Summary
We recommend a single internal structure that includes all job families, and uses the same job point evaluation plan to evaluate all positions.  The single structure will allow us to evaluate employees on an equal level and it will be easier for the employees to follow.  The job point evaluation consists of a grand total one thousand points with 25% weighted towards Education, 20% weighted towards Experience, Technical, and Creativity/Innovativeness, and lastly 15% weighted towards Skills & Abilities.   Internal Strategy

The recommended internal alignment for FastCat would be to have a single structure based on compensable factors relevant to their success. Each factor has different levels based on the requirements needed for the factor. For example, there are only three levels for creativity, while there are five levels for experience (Refer to Exhibit 1 in the Job Manual). This allows FastCat to cover the entire company with the factors chosen, yet still be specific enough for the individual jobs. This design will help FastCat direct employee goals towards company goals, and still be fair to the employees. It also will help FastCat be more cost-effective, in that the jobs will be thoroughly evaluated based on the levels they receive for each factor. There are five factors chosen to be the most important for FastCat they are: Education, Experience, Technical, Creative/Innovative, and Skills & Abilities. The first factor, Education, was chosen because of FastCat’s need for highly educated people. The software that FastCat designs calls for specific knowledge that a degree can provide. Experience was chosen because of its importance to FastCat. Almost every job at FastCat requires at least some experience in that certain area; therefore experience was deemed extremely important for FastCat. Technical ability refers to the amount of impact an error would make for FastCat. For example, an Administrative Assistant miss-spelling something will not have a huge impact on FastCat’s business, however, a Technical Marketing Consultant going after the wrong segment will have a profound impact on FastCat. The Creative/Innovative factor for FastCat is also extremely important. The mission statement for FastCat even states that “We must produce innovative, high-quality solutions.” Last, Skills & Abilities was chosen because of the range that the factor could cover, as well as the fact that we can select the most important items relative to FastCat. This internal alignment will allow FastCat to strictly define some factors, while leaving other factors more loosely defined, in order to support employee development. This system will also be extremely simple for employees to follow, and to see the way that the system has been set up, in order to ensure fairness. The structure will also be similarly easy to administer, as well as to communicate to employees. It will be easy to administer because the jobs are already evaluated, and will not change anytime in the near future. Another reason why it will not be difficult to administer is because employees will be able to see the differences in pay, and why they are the way they are. The recommended way of communicating this plan to employees is by giving each employee a copy, and then holding several small meetings in which employees can ask questions about the new structure. Rationale for Recommendations

The recommendations we proposed for FastCat will benefit the company for its future success, and will help the company regain its competitive edge, while also achieving its compensation objectives.  The first recommendation is for FastCat to use a single internal structure. Since the company is currently undergoing some restructuring, this system will be easy to help reorganize those departments, and it provides for a much less bureaucratic working environment. Also, a single internal structure will allow for better management because rather than...
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