Intern Report on Standard Chartered Bank

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1.0 Introduction

1.1 Origin of the report

The BBA internship program is a required course for the students who are graduating from the School of Business of Independent University, Bangladesh. It is a 12 credit hour course with duration of 14 weeks. Students who have completed all the required courses (at least 114 credit hours) are eligible for this course.

In the internship program, I was attached to a host organization Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank for 14 weeks. During this period I learned how the host organization works with the help of the internal supervisor. The internal supervisor assigned me on of the projects. Another project about the customer query frequency is assigned by my supervisor in SCG bank. The report on “SCG’s Online Service: Customers Query Frequency and Satisfaction” is prepared by the author and finally, submitted to the internal supervisor on April 30, 2002.

1.2 Objective of the report

1.2.1 General objective

• To gain practical job experiences and view the application of theoretical knowledge in the real life.

1.2.2 Project objective

• To know Standard Chartered Grindlays customers’ different queries regarding cards by using bank’s current online service.

• To know Standard Chartered Grindlays customers’ view on bank’s current level of online services quality and standards.

• To suggest ways of improving the service standard that accommodates a rapidly growing customer volume.

1.3 Scope

This study attempts to relate the growing customer base with the standard of online service as perceived by customers. The study is mainly done on perception of the customer of the Standard Chartered Grindlays. Most of the primary information has been collected through the tabulation work and a questionnaire survey and also through Card Division, Motijheel branch of Standard Chartered Grindlays Bank. The author was cautious to relate the experience with that of other sales and service center of Standard Chartered Grindlays through observation. This study briefly highlights the various customer services of Standard Chartered Grindlays.

1.4 Methodology

This study is based on both primary and secondary information. To know the customer query patters tabulation sheet work was done for 15 days. And to know the customers’ perception about the current online service provided by Standard Chartered Grindlays and its quality, a questionnaire has been constructed and a survey has been conducted.

The research was conducted on April 2002 through sample survey. The survey was conducted in Card Service at Motijheel branch of Standard Chartered Grindlays. Information from the bank personnel was gathered through informal discussion. In addition, the author used some secondary data, too. To consummate the survey the following steps were followed:

1.4.1 Selection of sampling

The sample was selected randomly so that no question of bias would exist. The bank provided the author a random credit card holders' list to conduct the survey. In this way, each sample was selected for the present study. And for the tabulation work the CSA’s followed a MIS tabulation sheet to trace the calling frequency of the customer.

1.4.2 Data collection Method

▪ Primary source: The data on the perception of the online service quality of Standard Chartered Grindlays was collected from the cooperative respondents through a structured questionnaire. The information on some other services of Standard Chartered Grindlays was collected through informal discussion with several personnel of Standard Chartered Grindlays. And for the query frequency a MIS tabulation sheet was filled up with tally bars for 15 days.

▪ Secondary source: The data about the organization and other customer services was collected from some secondary sources like brochures and Standard Chartered Grindlays’s magazine and personnel.

1.4.3 Data Analysis Method

Data Analysis was done mostly...
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