Intern Report on Sjibl

Topics: Bank, Sharia, Fractional-reserve banking Pages: 5 (1040 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1. Origin of the Report

This report is prepared as an internship report which is a mandatory requirement for successful completion of BBA program under University of Rajshahi and which aims to reflect the professional view of real world working environment. This internship report is required to submit after fulfilling 90 days of working experience in an organization as a trainee. I got proper supervision of my academic supervisor A K M Abdul Mazid, Professor, Department of Finance and Banking, University of Rajshahi throughout my internship period for the successful completion of the report titled “Assessing Customer Satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited (Rajshahi Branch)”

1.2. Objectives

Broad Objective

The objective of this study is to determine the customers‘ level of satisfaction of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, Rajshahi Branch regarding with other non-conventional bank.

Specific Objectives

Main objective of the study is to find out that whether customers of the bank are getting only conventional banks services only using the name of Islam.

Specific objectives of the study are as follows -

➢ To evaluate the performance of SJIBL.

➢ To know the satisfaction level of customers of SJIBL as Islamic bank.

➢ To assess the prior knowledge of peoples about Islamic Banking ;

➢ Whether Islamic Banks are working strictly according to the Shariah compliances ;

➢ More specifically, to know the differences of customer dealings between Islamic Banks and conventional Banks.

1.3. Scope

The report deals with measuring the satisfaction level of the customers of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, Rajshahi Branch. These customers are the people who have account in this branch and with other conventional banks. The total population is not covered here. It is based on sample survey. Thus the satisfaction level of the entire customers of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited or any other branch of the bank is not measured here and these will not be a part of the report. The study was conducted from 01st of February, 2012 to 30th of April, 2012. Thus the samples were selected from the customers who came to bank in during this time period.

1.4. Historical Background

The Rajshahi Branch of Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited started its journey at 5th November, 2008. Though a there were initiatives to measure the customer satisfaction at the branch a year ago, that was in its very beginning period and the Customer Satisfaction Index was not measured. And as the satisfaction level of customers‘ changes, this report on the level of customers‘ satisfaction will provide an option to compare the level of satisfaction now with that of a year earlier.

1.5. Methodology

In order to conduct this internship report both primary & secondary data have been utilized. 1.5.1. Primary Data Collection
Primary data are collected from:
❖ Interviewing the Customers with some specific questionnaire. ❖ Face-to-Face conversation with the respective officers and staffs.

1.5.2. Secondary Data Collection
The secondary data have been collected from:

❖ Annual and Half yearly report of SJIBL

❖ Relevant file study provided by the officers concerned.

❖ Published literatures, journals.

❖ Web site of SJIBL

1.5.3. Data Analysis & Interpretation

Since this study is exploratory in nature, a sample survey of account holders in both kinds of Banks was the most appropriate method for data collection. Even though more than fifty (50) individuals were asked in this study this would mean that the data collected is providing only an approximation of the entire population. Different kinds of questionnaires (for Islamic Bank Account Holders and for Conventional Bank Account Holders) were designed to analyze their perceptions towards Islamic Banking in Bangladesh. Twenty five (25) peoples those who have account in SJIBL, Rajshahi...
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