Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections

Topics: Crime, Drug addiction, Prison Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: April 14, 2011
When it comes to intermediate sanctions there are positive to it and there are negatives. One positive thing that comes from intermediate sanctions is that it lowers the costs that we have to pay for people in prison. If these people are not going to prison and are going under house arrest they are having to pay for their food and most other things themselves instead of having it provided for them. Another positive is that being on these types of programs these people will learn that if they want something that they need to get out there and work for it instead of having it handed to them. The negatives of these intermediate sanctions is that some criminals that are put on house arrest could still commit their crimes, for example a drug dealer or addict can have their dealer or customers come to their homes and get their drugs. There is also the fact that some of these programs will not work for the offenders, for example if the offender is a sex offender they don’t usually change their ways. They tend to commit their crimes again and end up in jail or prison anyway. I believe that some of these sanctions need more involvement and tighter restrictions. I believe that for certain offenders like drug dealers and sex offenders need more supervision and surprise visits at different hours of the day and night to ensure that they are not committing their crimes again. I believe that these sanctions can be effective. It all depends on who the criminal is and the crime committed. Someone who is arrested for sex offences is probably not going to be as effective at recovery because they are just going to get out and want to do it again. Sex is addictive and needs to be treated just like drug addicts. As for community correction I would have to say that all the same things as intermediate sanctions apply as well. I do believe that sometimes in some cases community corrections do effectively reintegrates some offenders into society. When it comes to programs like work...
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