Intermediate Sanctions

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Intermediate sanctions; offers various different sentencing options to those in need of a more rigorous guidance than that of probation and less restrictive than incarceration and both being primary forms of punishment. The purpose for intermediate sanctions is to reduce the issues concerning overcrowded facilities and probation officers and offices short on staff. The options used for punishing criminals such as, fines, community service, restitution, forfeiture, and pretrial diversion program. The functioning of these sanctions are designed equal to the offenders offense in terms of punishment and treatment as well as other programs recommended to facilitate and improve one’s situation.

Fines, is where the offender is obligated to make payment to the courts, community service, is when the individual pays their debt to society by working a set amount of hours without pay. Restitution is when the judge orders the individual to pay the family, business, or person(s) for any damages related to the crime. A pretrial diversion program is an alternative that offers one the option to seek some type of treatment or counseling program to withdrawal from the charges made against them, forfeiture that’s when the government seizes private property in connection with criminal activity.

Other programs labeled as intermediate sanctions are, intense supervision program, (ISP) that is administered by probation officers with lighter case loads and is said to be stricter than regular probation; there’s also day reporting centers that the offender reports to daily, for treatment, incapacitation and education. There’s also shock incarceration known as scared straight which is a tactic used to rehabilitate individuals by alarming them with the hardship of prison, electronic monitoring and home confinement is when the offender is sentenced to serve time at home.

I feel that as long as intermediate sanctions are carried out accordingly in...
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