Intermediate Sanctions

Topics: Prison, House arrest, Criminal law Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: October 18, 2008
Intermediate sanctions are designed to give judges other sentencing options beside imprisonment or probation. These types of sanctions are less restrictive than imprisonment but more restrictive than probation. Intermediate sanctions are usually combined with imprisonment, probation, and each other.

These sanctions are divided into two sub groups, judicially administered and probation administered. Judicially administered intermediate sanctions consist of fines, community service, restitution, forfeiture of property, and pretrial diversion groups. Probation administered intermediate sanctions consist of day reporting centers, ISP (Intensive Supervision Probation), shock incarceration, home confinement, and electronic monitoring. Day reporting centers are used in hopes of reducing jail and prisons from over populating. They are often used as a form of rehab for drug or alcohol offenders and their purposes are treatment, education, and incapacitation. ISP is a punishment orientated probation that uses stricter surveillance and more frequently. It has two functions, to reroute offenders from overcrowding prisons or jails, and to place the offenders under a higher level of control. Shock incarceration was designed to discourage continued criminal activity by displaying the hardships of imprisonment. Home confinement serves the purpose of incarcerating offenders within their own home and consists of three levels of restrictions, curfew, home detention, and home incarceration. And will usually be used with electronic monitoring. This consists of program contact programs and continuously signaling devices.

I am not sure I feel that intermediate sanctions are an appropriate punishment. However, I do feel that they can be. I feel that they sanctions are a good idea and serve logical purpose but in the end people that want to do wrong are going to do so regardless and view these sanctions as a get out of jail free pass.
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