Intermediate Accounting I Unit 1

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AC301: Intermediate Accounting II
CPA Exam and Qualifications
Wendy Roy

I went and visited a few websites to understand completely California laws for the CPA, some of the websites I visited were; California Board of Accountancy, CalCPA, and This Way to CPA. These websites gave insight to the education standards that California requires before taking the exam.

There are many different advantages to becoming a CPA board member, some of these advantages are; salary, demand, International recognition, career flexibility, and career advancement. When you become a CPA at entry-level, the pay on average is 10 to 15 percent higher than those with only an accounting degree. The demand for CPAs is high, and is continuing to increase as financial regulations become stricter. Usually the best jobs are reserved for those who decide to become CPAs, this giving advantages over just an accounting degree. CPA accreditation is internationally accepted around the world, giving you more opportunities to find jobs all around the world. CPAs seem to have more career flexibility; there are jobs for accountants in all different variety of jobs, breaking the myth of just a ‘desk-bound’ accountant.

The California state board has strict regulations for CPAs who have taken the test outside of the state. I found it interesting that the board can decide whether to accept certain CPA licenses. The state will have you request an approval of your CPA license, and California will check to see if that state test has as high of standards that California’s state exam does. If it doesn’t have the same standards then you will have to take the exam in California to receive your CPA license.

California’s state requirements for taking the CPA exam is as followed; 24 semester units in Accounting subjects, 24 semester units in business related subjects, 20 semester units in Accounting subjects but must meet minimum of 6 semester units in accounting...
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