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“Whether they are creating a romantic atmosphere for a fine restaurant or designing a professional office environment, interior designers work to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of their clients.” Designers research the needs and requirements of their clients and then draw diagrams that outline those needs. They are responsible for selecting color schemes, materials, and finishes to represent the design their clients want. They must also make sure to meet the safety requirements.

Interior designers are hired for a variety of reasons depending on the space being designed. Obviously, people want to be cozy and comfortable in their own homes and often don’t have the time, energy, or creativity to do the task themselves. They will hire a designer to take their ideas and create the spaces to their liking.

Businesses often hire designers to create a space that is most effective in boosting office productivity. They may also be interested in attracting wealthy clients. Some places, such as hospitals, desire to create spaces that are both relaxing and non-threatening. Other areas, such as shopping malls, are concerned with creating a mood that entices people to linger and spend their money.

Students interested in pursuing a career in interior design should begin their preparation in high school. These students should take classes such as art and design. It is also helpful to have a background in a foreign language and art history. Another helpful class to take in high school is speech, as it is necessary to be able to express yourself clearly when presenting your design ideas. Some other related classes to consider are computer graphics and business education.

Besides preparing in the classroom, high school students can gain valuable experience through working in a design store or a department store that sells home furnishings. Spending time with individuals who make their living in design is a great way to help you decide if this is...

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