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Introduction to Interior Design
Your Instructor: Sarah Smallwood
Lesson 1
Chapter 1
Welcome to Introduction to Interior Design! Many people around the world harbor secret dreams of becoming an interior designer. But few of them actually work toward that dream. So congratulations on having the courage to take that first step to realizing your dreams—either of becoming a professional interior designer or honing your skills to become better at your hobby. Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Sarah Smallwood, and I've been studying and working in the field of interior design for 12 years. I am primarily a hospitality designer where I merge my residential and commercial design abilities to create dramatic spaces. I have worked around the country, in Dallas, Seattle, and New York City, on many types of projects. My passion for interior design started at a very young age. When my family would go to the bookstore, my mom would tell us we could each buy one book. Rather than going for The Baby-sitters Club, I would always manage to find a book of home plan designs. My poor mother probably thought she had a very strange child, but luckily, she always supported me. She let me have the book, and I proceeded to spend hours examining it. I would then create my own floor plans out of plus and minus symbols on my dad's word processor (we're talking old school, pre-Windows!). Later, I studied interior design in college and accepted my first job as a hospitality designer in Seattle. After a particularly successful project, I landed a position working with one of the world's top hospitality designers in New York City. I've worked with a variety of clients on many types of projects, both for individual owners of small properties and for large corporations such as Marriott International and Nordstrom. I'm excited to share my knowledge and love of interior design with you in this course. We'll be covering some great topics that I'm sure you'll find intriguing. For example, did you know you can use color to influence the feelings people have when they're in a space? I bet you can bring to mind a certain iconic restaurant that has served over a billion burgers. Think of the two primary colors they use in their logo and their spaces, red and yellow. Did you know that those two colors, when combined, provoke a feeling of hunger? Keep your eyes open, you'll be surprised at how often you'll now notice yellow and red colors in various food establishments. I look forward to sharing my personal experiences and letting you in on the behind-the-scenes side of design that's never shown in those glamorized television shows or glossy magazine photo shoots. I'll also teach you how to conquer the one element of a project that can ruin your beautiful design if you don't get it right. But I'm getting ahead of myself—you're just going to have to wait until a future lesson to hear about that topic! So join me on this enlightening journey, and I’ll show you many techniques that will help transform you into a successful interior decorator who will create beautiful spaces your clients will treasure for years to come.  Are you ready to begin your adventure into the world of beauty, fashion, and design? Then let's move on to the next chapter, where you'll learn more about what interior designers do and what life is like when you enter this career. Introduction to Interior Design

Your Instructor: Sarah Smallwood
Lesson 1
Chapter 2
What Is Interior Design?
Interior design is the art of creating aesthetically appealing spaces that are also functional. Some designers focus on creating personal living spaces—these are referred to as residential designers. Others focus on designing public spaces such as retail, professional, and industrial spaces—they're called commercial designers. We'll explore both of these disciplines in greater detail later in this lesson, but this course as a whole will focus on residential design. As...
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