Topics: Virtue, Integrity, Value Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: February 24, 2007

My definition of integrity is: having respect in the rules of human code of conduct, governmental rules and in the Army's organization laws. Integrity means that we do the right thing even when no one is looking. Integrity is only one part of the 7 Army values. It is an important role in the values because if one does not have integrity they can not be trusted on in a time of need or when you are working side by side with them in every day work. What they say can not be taken on word alone. What they say and do will all ways be in question, whether it is a simple task as doing a police call on the building grounds you are working at or to the extreme of having a loaded weapon and out on patrol with you. Having integrity is a very important and once you have broken your trust with some one, you will lose some of you integrity with them. Integrity is something that is intangible and can only be measured on a person to person base. Trust and Integrity are intertwined and are hard to tell apart sometimes and they affect one another. Having no integrity brings down the moral of a unit because there is no trust with that individual. You always have to have someone watching what they do and when they do it. Important items such as an ACH Kevlar, weapon, vehicle which are high dollar items may go missing. Even just simple things such as bandages, CSL bags or medical supplies will go missing. When it comes time to use that item and it is missing it may be a life or death situation that the person may have not intended to happen Having self worth is part of integrity. If you have no self worth then no else has any as well and you could be capable of doing anything. Integrity is a very important value as a medic. People have to be able to trust you as a medic because it is their life in your hands. Doing the right thing even when they have done wrong to you, an example is giving aid to an enemy even thou they may have been trying to kill you.
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