Intergration of Traditional and Digital Marketing

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Integrated Marketing is where all forms of marketing channels and communications are carefully linked together to reinforce a single coherent message. Integrated marketing programs incorporate an appropriate and customised combination of on-line and traditional marketing elements that can include: •Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The use of keywords that increases ranking in the google listings according to relevance of the words used in the search engine. •Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
The maximizing of exposure through Pay Per Click impressions. •Social Media Marketing
The use of social network platforms
Email Marketing Campaigns
Mainly used to inform existing customers of new products and services. •Radio Advertising
Used in the traditional marketing strategies however a medium that can be a very powerful tool of integrating the two marketing traditions •Television Advertising
Placing commercials during specific times of the day or during programs views aimed at a specific target audience can be very effective means of lead generation •Bill Board Advertising
A effective medium for supplementing a well established online marketing program •Newspaper Advertising
Effective medium for attracting a wide audience as Television . Traditional and digital methods are never as effective separately as they are when fully integrated with one and other. However developing sustainable integrated solutions and successfully executing them ar part of a comprehensive strategy requires foresight and planning. An example of traditional and online marketing strategies powerful interaction was from the Educational Building Society, (EBS) , campaigne “Mortgage Information Evening”.

EBS“Mortagage Information Evening” Traditional and Digital Integration.

EBS developed a marketing strategy informing potential home owners of an open evening for mortgage advice. The major concept to this strategy is the use of an open evening giving expert advice in order to capture a existing customer base of those interested in buying their own home. The traditional strategies used to inform customers of this open evening were: newspaper, local radio and bill boards and the digital marketing strategies were SEO,Quick Response code, scan, (QR), Blogs, and Cookies. . The apparent goal of this marketing strategy was to direct their audience from the traditional arena to the digital market and this was done through the process of the potential customer having to registering in order to attend the information evening. Looking at each medium used individually this can be clearly illustrated: Newspaper Media

A newspaper advertisement is an extremely effective means of reaching and attracting a wide audience. The main drawback to this type of medium is competition of the news, other advertisements and location of the advert in the paper. To overcome this obstacle a newspaper advertisement should contain a high visual and headline with a call to action. The EBS advertisement was structured accordingly where they had four full page insertions at the front of the Metro Herald. The front page had a large visual and head line with sub head lines on the other three pages. The integration from traditional to digital took place at the call to action where the customer was directed to their web site via e-mail, or by scanning a Quick Response code, (QR), with a mobile phone which again, brought the viewer to the EBS web site. Local Radio

The key aspect of radio media is that it is reliant on only one of the senses and that is hearing. It is on this basis radio has been classified as the “theatre of the mind” as it generates the imaginaton of the listener. EBS generated a raidio advertisment with a male voice over in a conversation with a female voice over about getting a mortagage. It gave the impression that the listener was listening in on the conversation. The intergration from...
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