Intergovernmental Relationships

Topics: Government, United States, Supreme Court of the United States Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: March 6, 2012
Intergovernmental Relationships

Our constitution allows for the division of powers and laws between local, state, and national governments, but with the division comes conflicts of interest. How do these three levels of government interact harmoniously and what types of problems arise from the division of the government within Texas? In chapter 12 these relationships were discussed along with common issues and policies that ensure the success of this type of government at the state level.

The system of division of governments that gives the states power along with the national government can be confusing at times, and leaves the citizens feeling like they have no decision power. This becomes obvious when looking at state funding that is divided by the national government. This funding can include money for education, and highways. Although Texas loves to receive money granted from the federal government, we are not so excited about the requirements for spending the funds. When the federal government issues money like that they issue a statement for the funds that tells the state how and where they can use the money; this is where the issue arises. Similar to a teenager that asks for money from their parents, they don’t want to spend it on books, rather a good movie, or clothes. Federalism is what this relationship is known as and can be a fragile line when discussing to what extent the federal government dictates over the Texas government.

There are subcategories that are used to describe the type of relationship between the governments; unitary or confederation. Both types of relationships define one government having complete control over the other. Unitary give the national government the power to dictate the state governments and the states merely acts as the enforcers of the national government. While confederation gives the state its own total power and gives the national government power over only what the state doesn’t want to deal with. The...
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