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Humor has constantly played an central role in the art of writing. It is a helpful feature that should always be used to write a novel like Candide. The novel Candide is written by Voltaire were he uses humorous style . Voltaire's disapproval would have been extremely sharp if he had not spread it with little of some of his humor. He always used humor to make people enjoy better his novels. Voltaire, mostly protected a sour candy with a small coat of sweet in order to make it easier to consume.

The novel Candide is a huge element of satire that makes fun of how medieval citizens thought .  This piece of writing is concerning a guy named Candide and all his afflictions. Candide has incalculable stuff that were heading in the wrong way in order to show that everything is not "the best of all possible worlds" (Candide 12, Chapter 6). Voltaire is making an effort to build a point all the way during the embellishment of the disgraces of a man in a enjoyable method.

I consider that in Candide, satire is old generally against the church, kings and some branches of the upper classes. It was really smart of Voltaire to bring in satire in the novel Candide since it made the novel very funny and catch the interest of the readers. The tale of Candide proceed from his experiences of love with a lady from a superior class than him and all the problems he had to confront to be reunited with his love by using humorous criticism. Voltaire not just used satire and comedy in this novel when he talked about love. Besides he criticized stuff like authority, wealth, education and mainly hopefulness.

In conclusion, I consider Voltaire did an outstanding writing with Candide because he was capable to speak and express feelings with humorous phrases and phrasing the sentences in a method that made the readers appreciate and consider what he was saying and at the same point having a good time when reading his literature work. He was able of adapt words into his individual new...
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