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Topics: Engineering, Chemistry, Chemical engineering Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: March 24, 2014
My interest in life is going to college and to become a Chemical Engineer. Chemical Engineers is the combination of chemistry, math, and physics to design and operate the manufacturing processes. I want to major in engineering because ever since I was a child I realized that I am asking myself the same questions, how do things work, what do they do, and how can I do something better about the environment. I have always enjoyed challenging myself mentally, construct new things, and math is my best subject.

Initially, I have always enjoyed challenging myself mentally and therefore I researched for a career that would do this, making me use all my knowledge to find solutions. Chemical Engineer is to try to solve the problems, which the world has facing today. They find solutions which have never been found before to change the world and they must do this in the best possible and most efficient way. It is a challenge on every level as they look for the problem solutions. For example, Chemical Engineer also find new way how to make fertilizers work better on plants and how can we get nutrients from the plants that is getting fertilizers. This process requires a new thinking and it is the job to answer all these problems.

In addition, Chemical Engineer requires to design process or construct equipment and this is another reason for my interest in Chemical Engineer. Ever since I was six or seven I have always enjoyed building or making new things. When I was around that age I love to build things that are simple like using lego to build houses, trains, and even making paper planes or ship.Chemical Engineer doesn't matter how created you are, but what matter the most is you find the best possible design to suit the requirements. I want to make a difference in how we live today and maybe create my own invention.

Furthermore, Chemical engineering is the best suit for me because math has always been something I am interested in and how I am interested in and my best...
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