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Interclean EnviroTech Merger Memo

Nov 08, 2010 1116 Words

InterClean-EnviroTech Merger Memo
Denita S. Dorsey
HRM 531
November 1, 2010
William Young

InterClean - EnviroTech Merger Memo





I want to begin this memo with the excitement that David Spencer, CEO and I share regarding the merger of InterClean, Inc. and EnviroTech and all the possibilities now available to these two companies and their employees. With all mergers there come changes and nervousness regarding what this means to me and my position. I want to remind you that mergers do not need to hold negative feelings, and I am asking that you ensure your team members their role in the company. This memo will discuss what is expected of your behavior and attitude and how this will effect the productivity of your team members. Followed up by the laws that we each must remember and be expected to follow. I do not need to remind each of you the disciplinary actions that may occur if you do not follow these laws. The memorandum will close on some best practices to help guarantee a diverse and happy work environment. Again, let me emphasize how exciting this merger is to our business and how much you can contribute to the new culture.

Within the next seven days each of you will be required to meet with your team members and discuss the following 12 basic work conditions and how these create a positive work attitude. From the discussion I wamt each of you to implement suggestions into your management style. These 12 basics will produce positive productivity. Remember that how your employees see you as a manager is extremely important regarding retention. Retention is very important in keeping productivity at an acceptable level. Every time a company loses an employee, new individuals must be sought out and then trained; this delays production. Use the list provided as a guideline during this meeting.

• As an employee, what do you consider your duties? What do you believe is expected of you? • Do you have all the necessary items to complete your daily tasks? • Do you believe you have an environment conducive to do your very best? • Do you believe you are being recognized regularly for a job well done? • Do you believe that management cares about you as an individual? • Do you feel encouraged to further develop your skill sets? • Have you had your manager sit down semi-annually to discuss your performance and goals? • Do you believe the company values your job and work? Do they make you feel your position is important to the overall success? • Do you as an employee believe the environment harbors a commitment to do your best? • Do you have a coworker who you consider to be a friend?

Please remember that “Retention consists of the following 5 drivers: (1) reward your employees for performing their jobs effectively (2) ensuring harmony and relations with employees and their management (3) a safe and healthy work environment (4) ability for career development and (5) confidence in the future of the company” (Casio, 2006 p.6). Ultimately, the way you approach your team and your leadership abilities will become a large part of the overall retention of our employees.

It is very important that each of you remember what the employment laws are in line with your management position versus those that are not. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact myself or your human resources representative.

• Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. “Employers cannot discriminate based on race, color, nationality, religion or gender. This starts at the initial recruitment stage and goes through the termination stage” (Oliver, 09/2008). • ADA or American Disabilities Act. “This law protects individuals with long term physical and mental limiting activities. Including individual in wheel chairs, sight and vision issues, certain mental illnesses and muscular disorders” (Oliver, 09/2008). • ADEA or Age Discrimination in Employment Act. “This law protects individuals over the age of 40 from discrimination due to their age, whether that be within hiring, promotion or firing (Oliver, 09/2008). Remember this does not allow for reverse discrimination especially when qualifying and individual for promotions. • FMLA or Family Medical Leave Act. “This requires employers to provide their employees 12 weeks unpaid leave each year due to child birth or adoption of a child, or to tend to the serious health issue of a family member or themselves. The employee after 12 weeks must be reinstated to their previous position or one of equitable ranking” (Oliver, 09/2008). • The Fair Labor Standards Act, which “ requires employers to comply with Federal Minimum wage standards including overtime pay and child labor” (Oliver, 09/2008). • Equal Pay Act, which “requires equivalent pay regardless of gender while performing the same position” (Oliver, 09/2008).

Again, let me emphasize if you have any questions or concerns regarding any of these laws, please contact myself or your human resources representative.

Let me conclude this memorandum with what I would consider best practices while working in a diverse work environment. Remember that diversity is defined in “terms of human differences that can be related to culture and organizational operations.” This includes customs, assumptions, beliefs, values, rules, norms, practices, arts and skills related to (Smith, Miller, Archer & Hague 12/2008): 1. reason for existence

2. how work is done
3. membership rules
4. relations within the office and outside

Think of the individuals as different yet the same. No matter their gender, color, status, remember that however different each team member is, they are also the same. Appreciation and acceptance are going to retain your team members and increase their satisfaction. Make sure you stay committed and continue to visit areas that address understanding, communication and awareness. Remember to provide a strong leadership and articulate your and the company's expectations clearly. Encourage and support ideas presented throughout the organization. Demonstrate fairness and commitment to the team members individually and as a whole. Understand the dimensions diversity takes through mentoring and valuing continued personal learning along with challenging your team members to be the best they can be will present a happy and prosperous work environment.

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(7th ed.) New York: McGraw- Hill

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