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A reflective essay on the skills acquired from collaborative learning and how they may be applied in practice.

According to Donald A.Schon (1983) reflective practice is a formation within which all health care professions can work and is a model framework or learning structure that represent the purposes of a profession and is very crucial to health related professions.

Inter-professional education(IPE) module had a learning understanding that is universal to all health care professionals, that enables different professional groups to learn together for a particular reason with general contented of learning and achieving a goal (CAIPE, 2002). The module, however focuses on learning from each other to be able to improve teamwork and therefore provides the quality of care. My essay will analyse what I have learnt on this module which are: communication, safeguarding, ethics, professionalism, consent, reflection and equal opportunities. As a health care professional all these learning are important to me which I believe it will help me during my practice in my specified field as a Professional Mental Health Nursing .I will be using Rolfe et al (2001) reflective model using What ? , So what ? and Now What ? to guide my discussions and analysis.

According to Barr (2002) Interprofessional education learning in health care is currently measured as a very importance aspect about patient safety. The module enhanced my confidence in working with other health professional discipline, it is a way I found very advantageous in improving my communication skills among the teams, building trust, respecting other member of team and learning from different culture background and other health care discipline which I find quite useful and forwarding because it is a good experience that I will be building on and working with throughout my professional career. The different health care professional discipline in my group such as: social work, adult nurse, pharmacy, midwife, diagnostic radiography and mental health nurse which gives me and my team a privilege to be able to interpret a variety of scenario which will need to cover in the tutorial class like the effectiveness of communication, ethics, consent, safeguarding, diversity, equal opportunities and professionalism within the health environment.

My role in the group was to look at things in the aspect of psychological or behavioural pattern that is generally associated with distress or disability according to the scenario given and suggest a solution which might be of help and each member of the team gives their own contribution and the outcome was positive for me and my team when sharing it with the whole class.

The NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (Department of Health, 2004) prompted a set of communication skills that individuals must develop before registration. This included effective communication with fellow professionals and other healthcare staff, having the ability to identify one’s own limitations in communication and being committed to personal development in such areas. In the NHS Plan (Department of Health, 2000) enquire that undergraduate must demonstrate the aptitude to proficiently communicate with their service users before qualifying.

However, IPE has clarifies the effectiveness of communication, consent, professionalism safeguarding and equal opportunities which has many characteristics in health care professional career, it is a fundamental to practice and a skill that can be learned and continually improved.

These developments require devoted observation, the motivation to be reflective, and the commitment to listen and learn. In nursing, communication is a sharing of health-related information between a patient and a nurse, with both participants as sources and receivers in which the information may be verbal or nonverbal, written or spoken, personal or impersonal, issue-specific, or even relationship-oriented (Sheldon 2004, p. 4)....
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