Intensive and Organic Farming

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Is Intensive Farming better than Organic Farming?

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In this case study I will be looking at weather “Intensive Farming” is better that “Organic Farming” i will look at the advantages and the disadvantages of both of the specific farming I will also be looking at the health risks that the animals are being put under and the conditions and feed that the animals are being feed and the conditions they are being subdued to live in. I will also be looking at the health risks to the people that eat the intensive farmed animals rather than the organically farmed animals which have been raised to roam free on pastures to animals that are being fed growth hormones and are cramped into tight places. I also want to find out how organic farming and intensive farming alter the environment around them. If they alter it in a good way or if they alter it in a bad way. I also want to find out if any diseases are related to intensive farming and want to know what sort of feed they use for Organic Farming and Intensive Farming. In this study I am going to be looking at the intensively farmed cattle both dairy cattle and cattle raised to produce beef. I will also be looking at intensive farmed pigs and organically farmed pigs.

Is Organic better than Intensive?

Many people believe that Organic farming is better than intensive simply because the animals are treated better than they are when they are being farmed intensively. Organically farmed cows are left free to roam pastures they have access to water all the time they are fed nutritionally rich feeds and organic mixed forages these...
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